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InterAction Showcase


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This interactive slideshare showcases what we do at Learfield InterAction.

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InterAction Showcase

  1. 1. innovative social engaging digital contentAngela Woronick |573 201 6800 |
  2. 2. social networkingIf social networking is what you seek,Learfield InterAction has that coveredfrom content strategy development andmanagement to Fanpage customization. We increased engagementutilize social media to help you amplify your branding message/mission to better connect and buildrelationships with your audience. We provide customization the support system that fits your online strategy developmentcommunication needs. project samples >
  3. 3. multimedia productionToday’s consumers turn to the Internet formore than just an online brochure. They arelooking for a way to interact and experienceyour brand through multimedia.Learfield InterAction can help you go beyondwords by creating these online experiencesand produce the information in the way yourfollowers want to hear and see it – throughYouTube videos or podcasts. < WATCH
  4. 4. project samples
  5. 5. mobile marketing - text - apps - qr codes - location based services
  6. 6. social networking + website management
  7. 7. multi-faceted campaign
  8. 8. Life of an IL Soybean Video Series Members in the Spotlight MULTIMEDIA Click an imageto preview video/podcast
  9. 9. get in touchangela woronick | |573-556-1248 |@aworonick