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Branding Worksheets


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Branding Worksheets

  1. 1. BRAND WHEEL HOW DOES YOUR BRAND MEASURE UP? Rate your business in the following 6 key areas. clarity of BUSINESS BEHAVIOUR • ideal clients • competitors • touchpoints • attributes 5 clarity of 4 STRATEGIC PLANNING BUSINESS PERSONALITY for focus • values 3 • purpose • promise • differentiator 2 1 YOUR BUSINESS ExTERNAL INTERNAL SYSTEMS Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2008 COMMUNICATIONS for productivity and thru marketing, messaging efficiency and customer service TEAM ALIGNMENT for working with purpose
  2. 2. MYvalues Values are your decision makers. They are what you stand for. The solid foundation that unites you and your team. WHAT DO I STAND FOR? MY TOP 5 VALUES 1 2 3 4 5 Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  3. 3. MYpurpose The purpose is your drive. The very heart of your company. It is what gets you up in the morning. MY ulTIMATe ReASON TO Be MY PURPOSE IS... Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  4. 4. MYpromise A promise is your measurable accountability. It is what you effortlessly deliver rain or shine. MY uNIQue KeY BeNeFITS INDUSTRY PROBLEMS I PROMISE... Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  5. 5. MYxfactor The xFactor is your edge. It’s the one thing that you solve better than your competitors. MY KeY DIFFeReNTIATORS MY TOP DIFFERENTIATOR Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  6. 6. IDeAlclient The audience that needs and values your product or service most. The people you most want to reach and work with. MY IDeAl TARGeT ClIeNT TRIGGERS Main Qualities Budget Size Specific Industry Geographical Area Season Specific Age Group Gender Specific Eating Habits Health Specific Lifestyle KNOWING THIS, WHAT OR WHO ARE YOU NOW GOING TO SAY NO TO? Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  7. 7. CHARACTERscale How do you want your business to present itself in the marketplace? Intricate Simple Traditional Leading-edge Contemporary Classic Subdued Bold Extravagance Necessity Feminine Masculine Exotic Average B&W Colourful Ballsy Reserved Coarse Polished Upscale Economical Natural Hi-Tech Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2008 Serious Carefree Casual Formal
  8. 8. MYattributes What characteristics does your company have? How does it present itself in the marketplace? How is it perceived? ATTRIBuTe DeSCRIPTION IF YOU WERE... A Car A Celebrity A Place What, who or where would you be and why? COMPARISON WITH YOUR EXISTING BRAND EXPERIENCE - INSIGHTS Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  9. 9. TOuCHpoints What is your brand experience? The contact points of your sales process before, during and after a sale? MY PROCeSS + CONTACT POINTS TOOLS NEEDED TOUCHPOINT CHECK LIST (SAMPLE) TO STAY IN TOUCH (SAMPLE) • Referral received • During the work process, there is • Quarterly eNewsletter • Thank referree — send card (snail mail) minimum one contact per week with client • Blog — articles, audio + video podcasts • Contact referral — quick phone pre-qualification via phone, email, video/audio or in-person. • Contact via phone — quarterly • Online Needs Assessment — prospect to fill out • Six Month Review • Send Xmas / Birthday cards — annually • Needs Assessment — review with prospect • Annual Review • Proposal presentation + approval • Begin the work process — send welcome card • Send thank you gift to referee Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  10. 10. MARKeTing What does your company need to generate business, educate, keep in touch and build strong relationships? BRAINSTORM IDeAS TO: GeNeRATe NeW BuSINeSS eDuCATe + KeeP IN TOuCH BuIlD STRONG RelATIONSHIPS PRIORITIZE YOUR TOP 3 ACTIVITIES FOR EACH CATEGORY Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2009
  11. 11. MY1Ymarketing plan Your TOP 3 marketing efforts to generate new business, educate and keep in touch, as well as build relationships. TOP 3 MARKeTING ACTIONS TO GeNeRATe ACTION NeW BuSINeSS #1 TO eDuCATe + ACTION KeeP IN TOuCH #2 TO BuIlD STRONG ACTION RelATIONSHIPS #3 ACTION FReQueNCY MONTHS JAN FeB MAR APR MAY JuNe JulY AuG SePT OCT NOV DeC ACTION #1 ACTION #2 ACTION #3 VACATIONS
  12. 12. BRAND ology The following is to hopefully provide clarity on what can be confusing brand lingo. Taken from The Dictionary of Brand, edited by Marty Neumeier, published by AIGA, INDUSTRY TERMINOLOGY BRAND: A person's perception of a product, service, experience or organization; the art and science of brand-building. BRAND ALIGNMENT: The practice of linking brand strategy to customer touchpoints. BRAND AUDIT: A formal assessment of a brand's strengths and weaknesses across all of its touchpoints. BRAND CHAMPION: Anyone who evangelizes or protects a brand. BRAND IDENTITY: The outward expression of a brand, including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance. BRAND STRATEGY: A plan for the systematic development of a brand in order to meet business objectives. CORPORATE IDENTITY: The brand identity of a company, consisting of its visual identifiers such as the name, trademark, typography, and colors. LOGO/LOGOTYPE: A distinctive typeface or lettering style used to represent a brand name; a wordmark. MISSION STATEMENT: A concise statement of the purpose or aspirations of an organization. TOUCHPOINT: Any place where people come in contact with a brand, including product use, packaging, advertising, editorial, movies, store environments, company employees, and casual conversation. Created by LeapZone Strategies Inc. © 2007 TRADEMARK: A name and/or symbol that indicates a source of goods or services and prevents confusion in the marketplace; a legally protectable form of intellectual property. VISION: The story a leader tells about where the organization is going; the aspirations of a company that drive future growth.