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Facebook Timeline Tutorial by Leapdog


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The changes Facebook made to business pages in March 2012 require some attention to make sure your business page is displaying optimally.

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Facebook Timeline Tutorial by Leapdog

  1. 1. For Busy Business Owners!
  2. 2. Facebook is a goldmineBrand your businessIncrease awareness about your product/serviceAcquire new customersUse Facebook to connect with your customersGain Feedback on your product/service
  3. 3. Facebook StatsFacebook has 901 million users! That is nearly a BILLION people on Facebook!1 in 3 businesses are now using Facebook to promote their business89 percent of agencies said they would use Facebook to advertise for their clients in 2012 – either by purchasing ads, creating pages, or other methods of engagement
  4. 4. More stats..The average time spent daily on Facebook by users is 20 minutes!Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website.Companies are relying on Facebook Timeline pages to promote their services
  5. 5. Why YOUR business should be on Facebook
  6. 6. Why Facebook?More than 50% of Facebook users log in almost everydayMore than 4 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every dayYou can advertise your business to millions and millions of potential customers
  7. 7. Use Facebook Brand PagesFacebook brand pages can be used to promote your product/service
  8. 8. Create a community of people on your pagewho will spread the “buzz” about your business
  9. 9. CompetitionsUse your page to hold contests, competitions and build interaction
  10. 10. Traffic to Your WebsitesYou can use Facebook to bring lots of traffic to your websites
  11. 11. Advertise to MillionsYou can use Facebook to advertise to millions and millions of new potential customers
  12. 12. ….and much, much more!!
  13. 13. FREE Consultation If you want your business onFacebook call 919.324.1898 now for a FREE consultation!