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About me


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About me, like an online CV by Carles Canet

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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About me

  2. 2. CARLES CANET JANE Time Life Languages SWOT Skills Future Time Life 2012 Retevision GDX Automotive DOGAIdaGlas Gestenter BICC General Cable HP - Puig November 2005 February 2005 October 2002 September 2000 October 2001 November 1999 April 2002 June 2002 2001 2001 JuneSeptemberFebruary 2006 February 2009 2010 October Master in IT Management Telecommunications Engeniering degree Salle University Technical Telecommunications Engeniering degree Vic University 1997 September COU Cloud Computing Course 2015 IniciaCloud
  3. 3. CARLES CANET JANE Languages Time Life Languages SWOT Skills Future Languages Languages Speak Write Spanish Native Native Catalan Native Native English Advanced Advanced Romanian Few Words N/A Chinese Few Words N/A Advanced Course in English Sept’10 to June’11 First Certificate in English Immediate goal: improve Romanian
  4. 4. CARLES CANET JANE SWOT ThreatsOpportunities WeaknessesStrengths I communicate well with my team, friends, suppliers and clients. I have the ability to ask key questions to find just the right angle. I'm completely committed to the achievement of the company goals. I get nervous when presenting ideas to clients, and this fear of public speaking sometimes takes the passion out of my presentations. Administrative and repetitive tasks. I'm attending a virtualization event. This will allow developing new virtualization strategic and projects Easily to deal and understand new technologies and to use them to achieve company goals The current economic climate has resulted in slow growth for the automotive industry. Many firms have laid off staff members, and our company is reducing the IT investment and IT research.
  5. 5. CARLES CANET JANE Skills Time Life Languages SWOT Skills Future Skills Networking and teamwork: social and professional friendships and resources Communication skills: I survived in China Research Management: leadership and looking new solutions Research Environment: up to date on new market tendencies Research skills and techniques: developing projects with latest technologies WiFi positioning, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, Virtualization Technical skills: programming languages and main market brands
  6. 6. CARLES CANET JANE Future Time Life Languages SWOT Skills FutureFuture  Languages goal: improve Romanian or learn another language  Launched, an online monitoring webpage pay-on- demand services provider.[PHP+HTML5+MySQL+CSS3]  Improve abilities and skills on IT Project Management acquired in the master course in Business Engineering School La Salle (Barcelona)  Continually improve my career and knowledge, while the company achieves its objectives and goals  Improve my expertise in Cloud Computing projects (AWS, HP Cloud) and software (VMware and OpenStack project)  Launched, an online hosting and domains provider. Do you need a hosting plan? [PHP+HTML5+MySQL+CSS3]
  7. 7. CARLES CANET JANE Thank You