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We don't test to find bugs | Kristoffer Nordström | LTG-24


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Presentation hållen vid Lean Tribe Gathering 24 i Växjö 20 november 2014.

Published in: Technology
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We don't test to find bugs | Kristoffer Nordström | LTG-24

  1. 1. We don’t test to find bugs Kristoffer Nordström Lean Tribe - Växjö 2014-11-20
  2. 2. Been looking for bugs?
  3. 3. Testing is asking questions and seeking answers
  4. 4. So what are we doing then? If we’re not looking for bugs… then what? We’re looking for information! For the people who needs it.
  5. 5. So how do I do it? Start every day by asking: What can I do to find the most important information for the stakeholder that needs it the most today?
  6. 6. Why not test it all?
  7. 7. Explicit and Implicit requirements • Not all requirements are explicit: • Software should not crash • Software should not drain system of memory • Documentation should be coherent
  8. 8. But its not ad-hoc Test strategies Test cases & Test suites Tools Routines Colleagues Experience
  9. 9. Not looking for bugs Looking for information Ask yourself every day…