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Test cases are our friends | Kristoffer Nordström | LTG-12


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Published in: Business
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Test cases are our friends | Kristoffer Nordström | LTG-12

  1. 1. Test cases are our friends { But how large is your inventory? Kristoffer Nordström (@kristoffer_nord) 2012-12-10
  2. 2. Leanfrastructure TestDeveloper Cert. Scrum Master Tester Test automation Agile freak DeveloperEmbedded platforms WhoAmI Softhouse AB Svenska Antennspecialisten Test Developer whoExploratoryto automate testingTest Consulting loves testing Northern Electric Cloud Aut. dev. testing Automated GUI Testing UIQ Technology …so that testers can focus on quality human testing Team Lead NFNT Testing System testing Test tools Charging systems Automated GUI Testing Automated InstallationNon-functional testing Test data Test automation
  3. 3. “Test cases creates a false sense of security”
  4. 4. “Eating the cake and keeping it” Wrong!
  5. 5. Waste of over production Waste of time on hand Waste of transportation Waste of processing itself Waste of stock at hand Waste of movement Waste of making defective products *Seven wastesToyta Production System
  6. 6. A large inventory slows us down
  7. 7. Solution?
  8. 8. Thank you@kristoffer_nord