Agile outside the bubble of software development! | Sophie-Kim Chapman & Etienne Yuan | LTG-20


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Presentation held at Lean Tribe Gathering 20 in Malmö May 6 2014

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Agile outside the bubble of software development! | Sophie-Kim Chapman & Etienne Yuan | LTG-20

  1. 1. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Agile outside the bubble! of software development!
  2. 2. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab About us! Sophie-Kim Chapman and Etienne Yuan! Digital (web) team! IT Sales Products, apps, services Global marketing Customer services UXC CTO 2001 2014 JV team Mobile Communications
  3. 3. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Agile bubble vs “the business”! Adaptive Predictive Agile culture" and methodology Nearly all business management processes Informative failure Perceived success Deadlines Cycles
  4. 4. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab How the business sees the project! The project is never able to commit to what they're going live with - how am I supposed to keep my stakeholders informed? They say the process is designed to accept change, but when I make changes I get only resistance The project demands too much time - aren't they supposed to be the ones delivering? What exactly am I paying for?
  5. 5. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab How the project sees the business! The business is always adding requirements without accepting that something else gets descoped. The business never plans - everything is last minute and top priority. User tests show that this feature doesn't work, but the HIPPO insists on implementing it. Business stakeholders are never involved and then they're surprised and negative at the demo.
  6. 6. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Some ideas that helped us
  7. 7. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Develop a culture that can be agile! Business: actively reward transparency and accept failure as a learning process •  Test-, goal- and hypothesis-driven" Agile bubble: respect the context •  Decisions and communications are important •  It takes time for the wider organization to adapt
  8. 8. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Costs: budget in a different way! Step 1: Projects, followed by release 1.1, 1.2, etc. – unplanned (not in budget) Step 2: Planned multi-release “go live in the middle of the project” Step 3: Plan and budget for a program of continuous development Define success! Build something! Go live! Measure! Build some more! Go live! Product deadline! Project deadline!
  9. 9. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Moving the backlog out of the bubble! •  Features •  Importance •  Cost/difficulty •  Risk/unpredictability •  Timeline (in sprint, specified, to be specified, rejected) •  Openly shared •  Co-prioritized, business, tech AND content/operations
  10. 10. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Burst the bubble and find the right approach! Iterative Linear Unpredictable Predictable
  11. 11. soupbowl. etienne yuan ab soupbowl. etienne yuan ab Thanks. For more information, please contact:! Sophie-Kim Chapman Etienne Yuan " " "!