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Hardware/software integration testing | Johan Hoberg | LTG-34


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Adding even more complexity to an already complex problem.

Presentation held at Lean Tribe Gathering 34 in Malmö 1/3 2016.

Published in: Engineering
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Hardware/software integration testing | Johan Hoberg | LTG-34

  1. 1. HARDWARE/SOFTWARE INTEGRATION TESTING Adding even more complexity to an already complex problem
  2. 2. Hardware + Software = Complexity “Whenever you add complexity to a testing problem … … you add risk and unpredictability.” “When you add risk … … you have to add additional testing to mitigate that risk.” “But you have to add the right types of tests … that are specifically designed to asses the added risk.”
  3. 3. Integration tests •  Isolated tests drive good design and facilitate debugging, and integration tests do the opposite, so keep them to a minimum [1] •  Integration tests should only be motivated by potential risks related to integration, and designed specifically to asses those risks [2] •  Testing should be done early and as an integrated part of the development process – problems found during integration testing that could have been found earlier add unnecessary costs
  4. 4. Probe – Sense – Respond •  When dealing with complex problems, you should adapt an exploratory mindset, as relationship between cause and effect can only be perceived in retrospect [3] •  Don’t just run a predefined integration test suite, see all the green lights, and go happily about with your life •  Make an initial risk analysis, set a course of action, inspect the results, and adapt your course based on those results
  5. 5. Hardware/Software Integration Tests •  These are some of the hardware/software integration problems I have seen in mobile phones and mobile games, in my specific context •  Stability •  Stability problems are archetypical of high complexity products – unpredictable, intermittent problems which are often hard to find and reproduce •  Performance •  Very difficult to completely assess before hardware integration •  High Hardware/Software Dependency Functionality •  Mobile Camera •  Usability •  Different display sizes and resolutions
  6. 6. References [1] Integration Tests are a Lie [2] What is Integration Testing? [3] Cynefin