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DevOps | Ulf Månsson | LTG-25


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Presentation held at Lean Tribe Gathering 25 in Gothenburg feb 19 2015.

Published in: Engineering
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DevOps | Ulf Månsson | LTG-25

  1. 1. DevOps Ulf Månsson  ­  @ulfmansson  ­  Recorded Future AB
  2. 2. Recorded Future - Threat Intelligence Cambridge, MA (HQ) Washington, DC Göteborg, Sweden
  3. 3. What is DevOps?
  4. 4. What about? ● Delivers ● Hundreds of deployment per week ● Early return of investment of development ● Agile all over (What is the value of only agile development?) ● Uptime ● Quality ● Satisfaction and happiness
  5. 5. Deployed is done done
  6. 6. The problem
  7. 7. Break the silos
  8. 8. DevOps ● It’s a philosophy and set of practices that guides how your engineering and IT teams work ● DevOps is a way of working that emphasizes collaboration, open communication, and the seamless sharing of ideas and code ● Good DevOps work requires testing, iterating and even breaking things. That needs to happen quickly, without friction and, importantly, without blame.. Source
  9. 9. CAMS by John Willis ● Culture ● Automation ● Measurement ● Sharing
  10. 10. Culture ● Openness ● Celebrate success and failure ● Not the normal blame game culture ● Be part of business ● Work together, common goals
  11. 11. Automation ● Once you understand your culture. ● It's about automate processes ● Reduce human errors ● Poka-yoke – failure proof ● Tools for release management, provisioning, configuration management, systems integration, monitoring and control, and orchestration become important pieces in building a Devops fabric..
  12. 12. Continuous  delivery Continuous delivery treats the commonplace notion of a deployment pipeline as a lean Poka-Yoke: a set of validations through which a piece of software must pass on its way to release It is important to understand that any code commit may be released to customers at any point. Patterns such as feature toggles can be very useful for committing code early which is not yet ready for use by end users Source Wikipedia
  13. 13. Measurement ● If you can’t measure, you can’t improve. ● A successful Devops implementation will measure everything it can as often as it can… – performance metrics – process metrics
  14. 14. Sharing ● Sharing is the loopback in the CAMS cycle. ● Creating a culture where people share ideas and problems is critical. ● Another interesting motivation in the Devops movement is the way sharing Devops success stories helps others. ● First, it attracts talent, and second, there is a belief that by exposing ideas you can create a great open feedback that in the end helps them improve.
  15. 15. Architecture ● Micro services ● Retries and fail over ● The code need to handle that other services doesn't work ● Handling old and new message formats/APIs ● Feature toggles
  16. 16. devops is a movement