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Continuous delivery in complex systems | Mikael Reinholdsson | LTG-25


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Presentation held at Lean Tribe Gathering 25 in Gothenburg feb 19 2015.

Published in: Engineering
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Continuous delivery in complex systems | Mikael Reinholdsson | LTG-25

  1. 1. Continuous delivery in complex systems Mikael Reinholdsson Softhouse 15 years developing mobile phone platforms (HW and SW) Co-founder Softhouse
  2. 2. System overview Main CPUs running LINUX and Android Multimedia DSP’s for Video/Audio and Imaging GPU with Vertex processors CPUs running OSE and 2G/3G/4G stack Vector processor for PHY + DSP for Radio Power management CPU (Always on) - 1500 developers in all time zones producing 100-200 patches per day - ~10GByte source code in more than 100.000 files - SW licenses: Apache-2, GPL and proprietary (no contamination) DSP’s for WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth
  3. 3. Requirements and learnings • Lead customer main requirement – Majority of issues solved within 24 hours with “right” quality vs. purpose 1. Development 2. Launching • Other basic “laws of nature” in SW development – Each line of code changed have risk to cause failure • Close to launch => Branching needed to not break things (Impossible to capture all failures within 1 day) – Lead time in integration create many issues • Code grow old very fast (= stops working) • Developers starts sharing code in other ways
  4. 4. Integration solution Feature branch (development) Gerrit upload Checks in 1 hour Checks: License, Static code, forbidden words, all build variants Tests: 30 min regressionResult in 1 hour Daily tag set Tests: Regression test (8 hour) started every 2 hours Automated Test system Stable branch (launch mode) Creation some time before launch Every correction also to dev Reposynchfrequently Daily tags (<24 hours lead time from submit) 24h loop 1h loop Logs and dumps returned if fail GIT/Gerrit/Jenkins
  5. 5. Delivery and Post Integration Feature branch (development) Automated and manual Test systems Daily delivery to customer Lead time from developer submit to customer delivery < 24 hours Continuous Quality reports and Error reports long loop Long execution time tests after delivery (1-6 weeks) Stability tests, regulatory tests and Field tests
  6. 6. Discussion • Is the solution we did “competitive” in terms of latest process thinking's ? – Yes/No, and why ? • Large investment goes into test automation, test case development and test environment maintenance – Is this a generic learning ? – When is it worth while to invest in test automation ? Any experience from similar, smaller or larger systems • Other feedback