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App development and maintenance | Ekaterina Garbaruk | LTG-31


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Presentation hållen vid Lean Tribe Gathering 31 i Göteborg 4 november 2015.

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App development and maintenance | Ekaterina Garbaruk | LTG-31

  1. 1. Ekaterina Garbaruk Monnot App development and maintenance
  2. 2. Any production bugs that happen after the version was released to the store (or server code deployed in production) Our definition of maintenance (process-wise)
  3. 3. • The user would not benefit from new version of the app until installation • Dependencies on appstore processes • New OS releases • Architectural tricks: proxy, content management system, hybrid apps App development specifics
  4. 4. Scrum team • Scrum Master • Product Owner • Front end developers • User Experience Specialist • Business Analyst • Test Manager • Tester • Maintenance responsible
  5. 5. Adapted agile development
  6. 6. • Maintenance responsible has full control over the issues • Separate backlog for maintenance issues • Each issue is prioritised according to the customer impact • Fixed max time per developer per sprint Maintenance process
  7. 7. • 2 parallel backlogs: development and maintenance? • Dedicated time for maintenance per sprint? • Should we fix more and test more or release more often? (keep in mind app specifics) Still some questions are open…