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The Onion

"The Onion" is a flash fiction story that might put you off soup! A flash story is very small, yet contains all the classic elements - a beginning, middle and end.

I like the way the stories unfold on SlideShare like tiny silent movies, and that the reader can click through at their own pace.

I have another flash story on SlideShare - Pirates - which explores school bullying, and revenge.

My Master of Creative Writing exegesis considered the unique qualities I believe writers from mixed identities bring to prose, and an overview of this is also on SlideShare:

See for more info.

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The Onion

  1. 1. The Onion
  2. 2. Ana lives with her Uncle and Aunty. Uncle has fat frog eyes and unwashed, uncombed hair. He eats nothing but soup because of his delicate stomach.
  3. 3. Aunty never says a thing. She stands on a lean as if one shoulder carries an enormous weight. Her other shoulder constantly trembles. She resembles a moth with a wing plucked off.
  4. 4. Every morning Uncle slurps his soup, complaining, "Too much salt! Too much salt!"
  5. 5. When Aunty goes to market, Uncle drops the spoon in his bowl. He stands close to Ana. He smells of armpits and garlic. Ana ducks away. Grabbing her shoulder bag she runs out of the house to the track at the end of the village that twists up into a steep treeless mountain.
  6. 6. In spring orange strawflowers burst through cracks in the rock, but now they are shrivelled stalks crunched into dust beneath her feet. The sun rises as she climbs higher. Her shadow falls in front of her, growing longer.
  7. 7. She stops at the dry plots of land she tills for Uncle, opens her bag and pulls out a chunk of bread wrapped in a soft cotton square. Chewing very slowly, she gazes down at the village.
  8. 8. When she has swallowed the last crumb of bread, she takes an onion out of her bag and lays it on a rock. She lifts her skirt and pisses on it. Later, she'll take it home, chopping it into Uncle's soup, wiping away her smile when he exclaims, "Too much salt!"
  9. 9. THE END. Leanne Radojkovich ©2013