Infographic: The Rise of Electric Car Charging


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An infographic depicting the dynamic growth of plug-in and electric vehicles and charging station usage over the past couple of years. The infographic was produced to coincide with the announcement of a merger between Recargo and Xatori which will revolutionize vehicle software and information services for plug-in vehicle drivers.

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  • Infographic: The Rise of Electric Car Charging is presented by Recargo, PlugShare and and was designed by Leanne Kroll – Technical Illustrator for the announcement of Recargo’s merger with Xatori.
  • On May 22, 2013 Recargo announced it’s merger with Xatori to revolutionize vehicle software and information services for plug-in vehicledrivers.From the press release: “The merger will also bring Xatori’s plug-in charging manager GreenCharge and fleet manager ChargeManager under the same roof as EV research panel PlugInsights and EV news and information portal, to offer even more comprehensive information and utility to EV drivers and industry.The complete suite of Recargo products now includes:Consumer products and services:PluginCars – the web’s premier site for reviews, user forums and guides about purchasing and owning plug-in hybrid and electric vehiclesPlugShare – a cause-based social network that allows users to find charging stations and connect with other plug-in vehicle ownersRecargo Station Finder – finds electric vehicle charging stations, searches for food and activities via Yelp, and connects to news GreenCharge – displays driving patterns, charging costs, and environmental impact on iPhones and iPadsIndustry products:PlugInsights – delivers opt-in surveys of behaviors and desires of potential and current plug-in buyers, catered to the plug-in industryCharging Station API – an industry-standard API to integrate and deliver charging station information on a variety of platformsChargeManager – a web-based application to maintain plug-in electric and hybrid fleets by monitoring vehicles’ charging statuses and levels Reports and Dashboards – provides the plug-in industry with an inside view on charging stations and electric vehicles across North America”
  • To coincide with the announcement of the Recargo and Xatori merger, this infographic was created toshow:the growth of electric charging locations in recent yearsthe growing number of plug-in car purchases and an increase in peer to peer sharing of residential charging stations
  • The data for the infographic was pulled from existing sources from Recargo, PlugShare and
  • The data shows the by January 2011 there were close to 2,000 charging stations throughout the United States with various clusters in California and other states.The numbers more than tripled by January 2012 with just over 6,300 charging stations. The infographic visually shows the growth in numbers across the map.
  • Vehicle charging stations to date (May 2013) have now increased to over 20,000 total. California is the state with the largest number of charging stations which include all public and residential.
  • There are various types of plug-in vehiclecharging stations that provide various levels of charge. The Level 2 240 Volt charging stations have an average charging time of 60 minutes that will give a 25-30 mile range, while the DC Quick charging stations provide a 20 minute charge and give a 50-60 mile range.
  • The Cars on the Road section of the infographic breaks down the volume of plug-in and electric vehicle growth from December 2010 through to projections by the end of 2013. For every vehicle represented in the graphic, there are 1,000 plug-in vehicles on the road. The greater the vehicle count on the road, the greater demand there is for charging locations and the data shows that growth over the past couple of years. The future is very promising for the plug-in vehicle industry!
  • PlugSharing allows residential users to share their charging stations with other plug-in vehicle owners. The statistics over the years of the growth of peer-to-peer charging stations is very interesting. For the entire year of 2012 there were 4,158 residential locations in the PlugSharing database and already in the first 4 months of 2013 that number has been surpassed. In a society where we rely on technology and where your rarely speak with the guy next door, it’s encouraging to see this amount of growth in peer-to-peer plug sharing.
  • For more information on making your data standout with infographics, please contact Leanne Kroll – Technical Illustrator at or view her online portfolio at
  • Infographic: The Rise of Electric Car Charging

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