Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  2. 2. My First Ancillary is my film poster. I think that my main product and film poster are very effective when combined together. Firstly it is clear that my short film and poster create synergy, in which enables to link these two products together. For example, The image used as the main feature of this poster, is a screenshot from the actual Film itself. This allows my short film to gain recognition by the audience if they see the poster, as the characters, setting and action shown in the image are actually identified in the Short film, therefore giving these two products an effective feature.
  3. 3. Also, there is an effectiveness with the way that I have presented my poster titles in contrast with my main product. The image on the left reveals the title ‘Paper mate’ and is split into two pieces of sticky notes. I think that this is effective for our main product, as when watching the movie, sticky notes and drawings on paper are the only source of communication that is shown between the two main characters and are the object of love. Using Paper notes as part of the title Is therefore effective to our main product as gives an insight of what possibly is contained in our Main product, without giving spoilers away to our audience. Here is a screenshot of a scene in my short movie, Where the main character is writing a note to her ‘admirer’.
  4. 4. Furthermore, I think that my tag line which is presented on my poster is effective combined With my Short Film. As shown below the tag line ‘Love can be just a note away’ outlines the Theme of my short film in one go. This is beneficial because the audience gain a knowledge that the genre of the Short film is Romance, however also get the drift of the fact that notes are involved. Effectiveness Stands out, because there are clues about the short film shown in the tagline, However it is not enough, meaning the audience are encouraged to watch the film to gain a greater understand of the storyline.
  5. 5. I think the colour of the poster is effective for my short film. This is because the genre of the film is Romance and as seen in the poster, the colour of the poster is a very light tint of pink. To an interpretation, Pink is a colour that can be resembled as love, therefore gives the Poster an effectiveness of ‘love’ to represent our Short film. The Props used in this poster such As the falling paper hearts are Effective as it reflects the main Product. By this I mean the title of Our short film is being shown through These props, as paper hearts are Being thrown at the character, yet At this point, it is a mystery of who is Throwing them or what is causing These hearts to be falling on her. It is also effective because the audience can begin to understand that a reason that these hearts are falling on the character is possibly because someone likes her.
  6. 6. My Second Ancillary text was my online magazine review I Decided to make an online magazine review because Technology is a very popular use in everyday lives. As well As Film lovers buying film magazines to look at reviews, it is Simply quicker to search online for a magazine review, With the benefit of reading for free. Creating an online magazine review for my short film enables to gain different ranges of an audience. This is therefore effective for my main product as there is a greater chance of my short film gaining recognition.
  7. 7. According to my research, Empire Magazine is a British film magazine, which was first issued in 1989. It is one of the most successful film magazines published and has also launched a website which Publishes film reviews. This therefore is effective for my main Product because it makes the film look professionalised and will give a truthful insight of the film to the audience. I think that Empire would be best to Use as my film review because they attract a Large audience and will write the review based on the truth and be as Professionalised as possible.
  8. 8. I decided that this would be effective For our short film because if the actress Was to be a very popular or famous person It would be a unique selling point for our Film. An example of this would be that Fans of this actress would be drawn into Watching the film because their role model Is starring in it. This would result to the actresses fan watching our main product and giving our film a reputation. In the review, I decided to put a picture of the actress starring in the film and also wrote her name in brackets next to her Characters name.
  9. 9. I used the Poster in my Review which synergises with My two combined texts and My main product. This is effective Because when an audience Read the review, they will Be able to identify the film Just by looking at the poster, Creating awareness. I decided to give the review a realistic look by giving the film star ratings. I gave my film a 3 out of 5 stars because this is an average given from our audience feedback. I think using ratings is very effective for our main product because sometimes the audience prefer not to read the review context itself but just glance at the ratings so that they have a brief idea of how good the film appears to be.