Designing Classrooms Of The Future


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Presentation for Leeward Community College Professional Development Day on March 6, 2009

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Designing Classrooms Of The Future

  1. Visioning Tomorrow’s Classrooms<br />Leanne Chun<br />March 6, 2009<br />Leeward Community College<br />
  2. Goal<br />This session will help you to develop ideas on how classroom design can facilitate teaching and learning. <br />Image from LCC Catalog 2005-06<br />
  3. Who are your students?<br />A Vision of Students Today<br />
  4. Traditional Learning Spaces<br />This is what an old fashioned, one room classroom used to look like.<br />
  5. Traditional Learning Spaces<br />This is what my current classroom looks like. <br />
  6. Image from<br />
  7. Do you see any similarities between the classrooms?<br />Do you see any differences?<br />
  8. Classrooms today<br />Let’s take a look at what a redesigned classroom space looks like.<br />University of Minnesota’s Classroom Laboratory<br />
  9. Image from<br />
  10. Image from<br />
  11. Image from<br />
  12. Trends in Education<br />Technology Rich Environments<br />New modalities for Teaching & Learning<br />Do you know the trends occurring in education?<br />3. Flexible physical spaces<br />
  13. Stanford University Wallenberg Hall<br />
  14. Stanford University Wallenberg Hall<br />
  15. Stanford University Wallenberg Hall<br />
  16. University of Washington<br />
  17. University of Colorado<br />
  18. University of Colorado<br />
  19. Cabrini College Image from<br />
  20. Lecture Halls<br />Yes, but they are being designed a bit differently.<br />Are lecture halls still being used?<br />Oh, I see, they are being designed with flexibility in mind also <br />
  21. Lecture Halls<br />
  22. Lecture Halls<br />Stanford University Wallenberg Hall<br />
  23. Classroom Layouts<br />Let’s take a look at a few classroom layouts.<br />
  24. Classroom Layout<br />Southeastern Louisiana University<br /><br />
  25. Classroom Layout<br />University of Alabama<br /><br />
  26. Writing Surfaces<br />What about other aspects in the classroom, like writing surfaces and furniture?<br />
  27. Writing Surfaces<br />New York University <br />
  28. Writing Surfaces<br />Stanford University <br />
  29. Writing Surfaces<br />Stanford University <br />
  30. Furniture<br />Stanford University <br />
  31. Furniture<br />Stanford University <br />
  32. Quotes<br />“While it is difficult to build the perfect classroom, a flexible classroom comes close.” (Leiboff)<br />Classrooms should be conceived as spaces that can, should, and inevitably must change (within certain parameters) over time.  (Leiboff)<br />
  33. Discussion…<br />Let’s discuss various classroom designs<br />