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Paper 3 draft

  1. 1. F L O R I D A P A N T HLeanna Gardner E RENC 1102 Composition II- CRN 81433 SNovember 7, 2012
  2. 2. Research Question:How can the state of Florida balance thereality of urbanization with the need toprotect the Florida panther?
  3. 3. Purpose A large developer in Collier County has just unveiled plans to build a new town on 8,000 acres of farmland surrounded by 14,000 acres of preserve. The proposed town would include space for 9,000 residential units, offices, a golf course, a 500-room hotel, a 200-bed hospital, civic and cultural buildings and parks. The land developer claims that the community will be a sustainable one that will preserve the rural quality of the area.
  4. 4. What is a―Sustainable Community‖? Definition How can this be A sustainable community achieved? is one that is economically, environmentally, and  Active, organized, and socially healthy and informed citizenship. resilient.  Inspiring, effective, and A sustainable community responsive leadership. manages its human, natural, and financial  Responsible, caring, and resources to meet current healthy community needs while ensuring that institutions, services, adequate resources are and businesses. equitably available for future generations.
  5. 5. The Florida Panther Why is the Florida Why should the Florida Panther endangered? Panther be protected? Habitat Loss – Construction reduces available habitat  Today, there are less important to territorial than 100 Florida panthers. Panthers in the wild. Human-Wildlife Conflicts – Florida panthers cross roads  As recent as the early and highways and are hit by cars. 1990s, only about 30 Low Genetic Diversity Florida panthers existed. Pollution – Mercury  Although the numbers Disease – Feline leukemia have risen due to Fear – A misunderstanding of recovery programs, the the dangers posed by Florida Florida panther is still panthers prevents reintroductions to new areas. critically endangered.
  6. 6. Thesis Although urban development is good for Florida’s economy, Southwest Florida must find ways to develop sustainable communities that will protect the habitat of the Florida Panther.
  7. 7. At a Glance:The Land Developer’s Perspective In the perspective of the Land Developer, the community that will be built will not pose as a threat, but more of an opportunistic idea where humans and animals can co- habitat without disputes. The Rural Lands Stewardship Program, created in 2002, was founded on the principle of preventing urban sprawl and protect lands by transferring development to environmentally suitable areas. (
  8. 8. Reasons to support the proposedtown in Collier County Building an urban city brings about more beneficial factors than harmful ones. Urbanization can be closely associated with higher incomes, improved health, higher literacy, and an improved quality of life. The environment will not be harmed in the process, as there are boundaries as to where the town will be built. ( With the demands for economic growth, there are also breakthroughs where natural resources are preserved. Strategies are created to ensure the protection of resources and neighboring lands. Opportunities to save wildlife is important, and that is why supporting the new town would mean granting time in preserving them. (
  9. 9. At a Glance:The Florida Tourist Board’s Perspective The Florida Tourist Board looks at the state of Florida as a tourist attraction, due to its weather and its unique rural features, including its large bodies of water and land. Florida’s landmarks and beauty is a main priority to jumpstart its economy.
  10. 10. Reasons to support the proposedtown to increase tourism Tourism is one of the most important factors for accelerating Florida’s economy. Roughly forty million people visit Florida annually, which is one of the biggest reasons why tourism is a great source of income for the state. ( With tourism, national parks attract nature lovers; thereby giving a meaning to the environment as a precious factor to Florida’s tourism. (
  11. 11. At a Glance:The Environmentalist’s Perspective The primary concern is of the well-being of the Florida panther. By enforcing and creating more towns, it will invade the panther’s habitat. In the act of developing this town, the panther population will surely shrink.
  12. 12. Describing the Environmentalist View Before the souring skyscrapers and numerous strip malls, there was land that home to hundreds, if not thousands, of animals. They were protected in their habitats and never had to worry about human interference on their sanctuary. However, through the progressive decades, urbanization has taken over what was originally owned by countless animals, including the Florida panthers. When urbanization increases, the surrounding environment becomes overwhelmed with pollution and noise—one in which an animal cannot live peacefully. To sum up, animals should be left to dwell in their habitats without the threats of urbanization.
  13. 13. Reasons to go against the newtown Instead of investing in a new town that will do nothing for distinguished endangered species, there should be more proactive measures in creating larger areas for wildlife to live. Petitions are done for this purpose, and until businesses can come to that realization, urbanization should be postponed. ( Preserving wilderness protects the quality of soil, water, and air that every species depend on for life. If the Florida panther is rescued, several plants and animals will also be rescued and preserved additionally. ( There are simply too many panthers for a smaller territory range. Panthers can easily get killed from going through traffic. With the increase of roads, panthers can easily cross boundaries and be killed on impact. (
  14. 14. Common Ground The belief system between all three perspectives are fairly similar, although strikingly different. We can come to an agreement that once nature interferes with urbanization, there is a problem! To decrease potential law suits, there must be an understanding between these three parties to not cross the lines. As long as the well-being of the animals are not disturbed, then touring and the rise of cities will not be a problem.
  15. 15. ConclusionFor this conflict to beresolved, there needs to bea common ground that canbe agreed upon among allthree parties. For the LandDeveloper and the TouristBoard to be in agreementwith the Environmentalist,there must be a boundarywhere the Florida Pantherand its lands are protectedand untouched, whileurbanization still flourishes.As long as tourists andpeople of the communitycreate a space that issustainable for surroundingwildlife, there will alwaysbe common ground. Oncethat boundary is crossed,these parties will continueto differ in views.
  16. 16. Scenarios/ Alternate Solutions  If the Land Developer If a Florida Panther was wanted to expand the new spotted at a tourist town, would it pose as a attraction or in Collier problem to the other County, how would The parties? Florida Tourist Board or If the Land Developer feels Land Developer come to the need to expand its an agreement with territory, then the Tourist Environmentalists? Board may feel the need toThey would have to report do the same. Urbanization,the presence of the animal although it is beneficial, canfirst, and create a larger cause problems withboundary that would serve to Environmentalists that wouldprotect the animal and the quickly discard the notion. Aspeople surrounding where it long as the new land has nowas spotted. impact on neighboring wildlife, then an agreement could be made.
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