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  1. 1. Pitch Perfect:Aims:•To be able to indicate theconventions of a pitch.
  2. 2. What is your film about?• You will need to create a pitch and a presentation for your film. A pitch is a concise verbal (and sometimes visual) presentation of an idea for a film or TV series generally made by a screenwriter or director to a producer or studio executive in the hope of attracting development finance to pay for the production.
  3. 3. The High-Concept PitchFirst, the pitch should be brief: one short sentence isperfect.Second, people should already understand the buildingblocks of the pitch: buses, bombs, Jaws, space, theseven deadly sins. The pitch combines the building blocks by usinganalogy, synthesis, juxtaposition, combination; e.g.“Jaws in space”.
  4. 4. The 3 second pitch… “Jaws in space”“A bomb on a bus” “Snakes on a plane”
  5. 5. http://www.chickenhead.com/stuff/moviepitc h/index.aspThis movie is “American Graffiti” meets “Midnight Cowboy” meets “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.With a little bit of “When Harry Met Sally” thrown in for good measure! Its a love story about aboy who meets a girl. Then loses her. Then theres a twist involving a bank robbery. But itsALSO an action film - with a clairvoyant janitor, a car chase, and three climaxes in Disneyworld,Antartica, and on top of the local Wal-Mart. It has action, romance, and SEX. There are lots ofsteamy love scenes in the back of a truck involving a wooden consortium. Its tasteful, and coldlyerotic. We felt the movie also needed a social subtext, so theres a small part or two for amilitant lesbian. But really, this is a family movie. Its about one familys struggle to overcomesome really tough thing and then a heartfelt lesson is learned. The ending has a mass suicide, asong and dance number, a stirring courtroom speech and a heartwarming sense of melancholy.We dont have a script yet, but we have a great duet with Celine Dion and Kiss. We think TomSelleck, Rosie ODonnell and ME would be perfect for this movie! Maybe Sir Ian McKellen canhave a two-minute cameo as the Academy-award winning English guy that gives the movieintegrity! We call it “Ethnic Names Posession”. Itll make $100,000,000 domestically and$100,000,000 internationally. Oh – and this movie will test really well with white 40-somethings.
  6. 6. What is the film about? The film is a story of survival. Our centralprotagonist will be the hero of an entire nation,Like NEO from The Matrix mixed with Han Solo. It is a Fantasy-Action film with a vein of Romance that runs though its core. Our Herowill not only save the woman he loves, but will fall in love with a world he didn’t even know existed.
  7. 7. What is the film Really about?This film is about man’s ability to destroy nature and all that is beautiful for the futile goal of money. It represents the real-world struggles ofignorant, oil-hungry governments in the face of global warming and stays true to the one thing that every person should have: Faith.
  8. 8. Your task:• You should be in your groups and have a general outline of your story.• Start to think about what will happen in your film…use Todorov’s narrative theory.• You will need to consider a whole story for your pitch.• …Use other films from that genre to help you. BRAINSTORM YOUR IDEAS
  9. 9. Research• What genre is your film?• What other films in this genre have inspired your film/is your film similar to?• Who is the Target Audience for your film?• When will your film be released (Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter, Awards Season)?• How much money will your film cost?• How much money will you film make?• Who will star in your film?• Who will direct your film? • WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR FILM? • WHAT IS IT ABOUT? • WHAT IS IT REALLY ABOUT?
  10. 10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Ht6-Cw0RI&fe