Ethnicity & race pp


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Ethnicity & race pp

  1. 1. Race/Ethnicity Representation in TV drama Objectives: •To be able to identify ethnic stereotypes; •To explore some of the issues surrounding representation of race/ethnicity in the media; •To analyse representations of ethnicity in a TV drama extract.Arrange yourselves thusly, with plenty of space around you...Nicole Conor Charlie N Sean Thabo Charlie LDaisy Molly Dan Kerry Rebecca Ceren Harry
  2. 2. TaskOn your sugar paper:•draw what you would consider to be a STEREOTYPICALrepresentation of a man/woman of your given ethnic group•give him/her a stereotypical name•add words to describe their character and backgroundIf you can:•add possible occupations they would have•add possible storylines they might feature inIMPORTANT: TRY TO KEEP YOUR DISCUSSIONS QUIET SO THATOTHER GROUPS DONT KNOW WHAT YOURE UP TO...
  3. 3. Ethnic StereotypesBlack - criminal boys/men (gang culture), patriarchal/religioussystem (African), relaxed /joker (West Indian)Asian (Indian/Pakistani etc) - often linked with religion (Muslim),corner shop-owners/restaurant workers, poor, large families, fiercelyPatriarchal - strict, sometimes aggressive/violent men, subservientdisempowered womenEast Asian (Chinese/Japanese etc) - generally under-represented,restaurant owners/workers, prodigious children, intelligent, nerdy,submissive, interested in technologyEastern European (Polish etc) - strong work ethic, family-oriented,tradesmen/cleaners, illegal immigrants, bad for BritainMiddle Eastern – terrorists, violent, aggressive etcHispanic – lower class, menial jobs, unintelligent/poorly educated etcFollowing the earlier activity, what other qualities could you add?
  4. 4. TheoryAlvarados stereotypes/key themes in racial representations:w Exoticw Humourous Check these against thew Dangerous stereotypical features ofw Pitied each ethnic group...w (recently added) Sexualised How could you apply (or not) Alvarado to these characters:
  5. 5. Whos missing..?
  6. 6. Ethnicity and Power •Britain is increasingly multicultural and representations have changed in recent years as a result BUT its important to remember that the dominant ideology in our society is still a white, western one. How about the US? •Anything non-white is often constructed in terms of otherness (binary opposition = us and them). •When considering race/ethnicity in TV drama you should also remember that the majority of programme-makers are white and so the representations of minority groups have been constructed largely from a point of ignorance, and rarely from actual personal experience. Representations of the dominant white culture, however, are part of their own identity.How might this impact on the representations of minority groups?
  7. 7. General Rules•Often positioned as outsiders•Often working menial jobs•Often stereotypical and/or underdeveloped characters•Otherness is often highlighted through clothing,accent/language, religious beliefs and other culturalindicators•Where positively represented, often seen as in need ofpity/help•SOCIALLY, ECONOMICALLY SUBSERVIENT TO WHITE WESTERNSIN KEEPING WITH WHITE WESTERN DOMINANT IDEOLOGY•Ethnicity often portrayed as being an important part oftheir identity as well as featuring heavily in their storylines
  8. 8. AnalysisExplore the ways in which Ethnicity is represented in thefollowing extract from Hotel Babylon. You should consider:•Cinematography•Mise-en-scene•Sound•EditingRemember: As with all questions of representation, it isimportant to consider the interactions between characters(minority/white), to ascertain the power structure and toconsider whether ethnicity is being shown as important tocharacters identities.
  9. 9. Cinematography
  10. 10. Sound
  11. 11. Editing
  12. 12. Mise-en-scene
  13. 13. Homework:Write up your essay response for next double lesson.Use the mark scheme and your previous feedback to try andimprove your grade.