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  1. 1. Teacher Support MeetingGCSE Sociology,Phase II: Preparing to TeachUnit 2: Commentaries Version 1 Spring, Summer 2009
  2. 2. Set and published by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance.Copyright © 2009 AQA and its licensors. All rights reserved.The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales 3644723 and a registered charity number1073334.Registered address AQA, Devas Street, Manchester M15 6EX. Dr Michael Cresswell Director General.
  3. 3. MARKS & COMMENTARIESUnit 2: Section A: Crime & Deviancea) 1 markb) 1 markc) 1 mark: The reference to not want a person doesnt answer the question as phrased. We needa clearer reference to exclusion for a 2nd mark.d) 3 marks: There is no attempt to satisfy the 4 mark requirement.e) 5 marksf) 5 marksg) 6 marks: There is some potentially decent stuff here spoiled by sloppy thinking which allows thefocus on what has been asked to slip. Thus, the only reference to working class males, thesubject of the question, is in the opening sentence. We then have, young males and youngpeople making most of the discussion of dubious relevance.Total: 22 marksUnit 2: Section B: Mass Mediaa) Overweight or less attractive gains the mark. 1 markb) 61% gains the mark. 1 markc) any relevant use gains the mark. 2 marksd) 4 marks for a clear explanation supported by appropriate examples. Im happy with 4, but muchof the 2nd half here is not necessary to achieve the marks.e) 4 marks for an answer that marries an appropriate description with a clear explanation ofwhy this might present a problem in a democratic society. I would probably have given this 4. For 5I would want a reference to the media elite being able to influence the images, agenda etc. Only ifit has this do I see the answer responding adequately to democracy.f) 5 marks for an answer that marries an appropriate description with a clear explanation of whythe Internet might empower interest groups in a democratic society.h) 11 marks. Presents clear evidence of understanding through the use of relevant sociologicalconcepts e.g. nuclear family, traditional gender roles, stereotypical media images. Well focuseddiscussion which explicitly addresses ‘how far’ in some detail. Spelling, punctuation and grammarachieve considerable accuracy, makes use of a wide range of specialist terms adeptly. What morecould we expect? For 12 marks, more could have been said against the proposition.Total: 28 marksUnit 2: Section C: Powera) 1 markb) 1 markc) 2 marksd) 3 marks (doesnt satisfy the 4 mark position requirements)e) 1+3 = 4 marksf) 1+3 = 4marksg) 8 marksTotal: 23 marks 3
  4. 4. Unit 2: Section D: Social Inequalitya) 1 markb) 1 markc) 2 marksd) 2 markse) 5 marksf) 2 marksg) 6 marksTotal: 19 marks 4