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The Craft of UX


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What do bakers, metalsmiths and user experience professionals have in common? They’re all crafts, but unlike other crafts, UX doesn't have a mentality of apprenticeship and practice. I argue that because UX requires broad knowledge across a number of disciplines, practical experience, and people skills, simply getting a degree and attending conferences isn't enough.

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The Craft of UX

  1. The Craft of UX: The craft of UX What we can learn from guilds, apprenticeships, and masters
  2. The craft of UXWhat we can learn from guilds,apprenticeships, and masters
  3. Guilds are very serious about growing talent. Flickr: kochtopf
  4. Guilds develop a foundation of core skills.@leegoesplaces Flickr: fortinbra
  5. Guilds provide opportunities to practice. Flickr: rpb1001
  6. What ideas should we steal from guilds?
  7. Hire for potential. Flickr: kochtopf
  8. Set expectations.
  9. Provide mentors. Flickr: daedrius
  10. Build networks. Flickr: farlane
  11. A guild’s guide to growing talent: 1.  Hire for potential. 2.  Set expectations. 3.  Provide mentors. 4.  Build networks.@leegoesplaces
  12. Flickr: phlegrean
  13. Thanks! Flickr: subtle_device