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Night Flyer - The Night Entertainment Marketing


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Importance of media for this market, envolving characteristics, evolution and adjustments.

This monograph examined the flyer as a communication tool for producers of alternative parties and nightclub owners. This type of marketing strategy in the world of nighttime entertainment was consolidated as a vehicle for dissemination. This project aimed to show the importance of media in this market, discussing its features, changes and adaptations. The method of research was done through interviews with people involved in the concepts, literature review and documentary research in several flyers. The observation of graphic pieces had an emphasis on their ability to use images to attract cognitive impact, considering among others the following results: responsiveness will be achieved as soon as this for people to spread the desired profile and that these codes are assimilated , the graphical representation must be obtained through studies, adding functionality to its composition and boldness, positioning it as a reference of the niche to which it belongs, the necessity of communication through the flyer, printed or virtual, is through the amount of diverse parties for different audiences, besides serving as markers urban spaces they delimit and sub-cultures, aiding in the effectiveness of choice. These data were shown with different models currently on the market ready, and are found in major world capitals as the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Key words: Alternative media; Flyers; Targeted Marketing; Visual Comunication; Urbans tribes.

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Night Flyer - The Night Entertainment Marketing