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The story of your life


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle
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The story of your life

  1. 1. Hmmm.. Some Ofcourse baby. Your says yes.. But Daddy loves you so definitely you got much! If he loves me.. Why is your fair skin from he not around? How me  come he’s not here to take care and play withHi Mommy!.. me? Does my Ok.. Let me tell Daddy love Do I look like you a short story me? him? about him… Can you tell me a story about him? I Daddy loves you so much.. He wants to spend every really want to minute with you.. To play with you and teach you a know him lot of things.. and most of all Daddy wants to give more.. the best of everything to you… that’s why he needs to make sacrifices and save a lot for you.. We know that it will be hard for you to understand now.. But when you grow a little older… You will know… and soon you will be with Daddy too!
  3. 3. Or.. Buy him a gift?.. Seems like my DaddyToday is MAY 9 right? really loves me… I TODAY IS DADDY’S want him to know BIRTHDAY!!! that I love him too!! Or maybe you can just send him my cute pictures to brighten up his day and make him smile Mommy.. Can you help me think of something I can give to him.. to show him how much I love him too?