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Acupuncture to treat PTSD


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An area military expert said she found a new potential source ptsd acupuncture of relief in her comb...

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Acupuncture to treat PTSD

  1. 1. Acupuncture to treat PTSD An area military expert said she found a new potential source ptsd acupuncture of relief in her combat post-traumatic stress disorder. Joy Dumolt served behind the camera, taking Navy crime scenes. "I've taken photographs of the child abuse, the partner abuse, the crime scenes, murder -suicides," Dumolt said. She retired after twenty years, but she can't move what she smelled or saw. " there are perhaps certain smells," she said while cringing. It became clear that the pure looked at it got her back on base when she was five months pregnant though 10News reporter Hannah Mullins spoke to her. Her reaction was visceral. "Something happened to me in 1994," Dumolt defined. "After I smell strong colognes, I get nervous." She said yes when PTSD talk Mullins asked if it was sexual assault, and she could not stop rubbing her nose and pulling on her ears. "in those days, the Navy would inform you to shut-up," she explained. "It never happened." She said she wound up homeless with seven kids, but did not wish to pop pills. She looked to acupuncture, that has become a growing tendency for PTSD treatment. As an effective treatment, it has not been approved by the VA now, but they have been conducting studies. It has been with US for thousands of years, but one type targets the ears. An acupuncturist at Rejuvination Stop in Cardiff, Susannah Sunderland, said, "it is extremely effective. All of your body is planned out on your ear." She said each prick goals a body part and redirects blood circulation in the section of the human brain that makes you stress. Dumolt got a much- needed deep breath.