Shapes in art making 1


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As a starting block for art students first year high school, They complained at first oh we have done shape in Kindergarten we know squares triangles and circles by the end of the PowerPoint they were in awe and inspired to complete the activities ENJOY

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Shapes in art making 1

  1. 1. CREATED by Leana Brown for Yr 7 Visual Arts Students
  2. 2. Artist: Pablo PicassoTitle: La bouteille devieux marc.A bottle of vieux marc.Date: spring 1913.Media: Paper collageand charcoal onpaperSize: 62.5 x 45 cmCollaborative Task: Rule a frame using chalk on concrete. Use the samedimensions as Picasso’s artwork. Draw shapes based on a drink bottle usingchalk. Picasso also used collage you will make an *ephemeral artwork – shortterm work consider how your group will resolve the artwork emphasising organicshape then photograph the work to be included in your Art Diary . Write a recountof the art making process.
  3. 3. ARTIST : Pablo PicassoTITLE OF ARTWORK : Still life with chair-caningDATE : Paris 1912MEDIA : Oil and oil cloth on canvas with rope frameDiscuss theArtworkusing thesubjectiveframe ofreference.What areyouremindedof? Why?What doyou feelwhenlooking atthework?Why?IDENTIFY theType of shapesPicasso hasused.Trace themfrom where youareSitting,What have youDiscoveredabout the typeof shapes in theartwork?
  4. 4. A very cleverComposition“The ThreeMusicians”By PabloPicasso.How doesPicassocreate depthin thisartwork.What twoelements ofdesign areobvious inthe artworkscomposition?In Art JournalsWrite aScript/screenPlay for thiswork.Eachcharacterneeds a namee.gMr P………Jim………………Orlando………….Add Script/Conversationsbetween themusicians.Speech couldinclude whatwhere whenand why ofthe musicianswhere are
  5. 5. ARTIST: Henry MatisseTITLE: Beasts of the SeaGallery MEDIA: The artwork ispaper glued onto canvas(COLLAGE) French wordmeaning to stick.COMMENTS: Organic shapes, Positive andNegative shapes Flat shapes limited DepthGraphic Style.Where has the colour blue been used in thework?Blue has a visual impact in the work as doesyellow and black it helps our eye move throughout the whole artwork creating rhythm and unity.
  6. 6. ARTIST: Juan GrisTITLE: Harlequin with art stool andsketchGeometric shapes are used in this workangular shapes created using tone: blackdark grey, mid grey ,light grey and white.Homework create a superhero characterusing angular shapes use computer andand a software program to design thework like Juan Gris. Use a monotonecolour schemeColour plus three tones and white emailShow and tell next lesson bring on jumpdrive or email for you to show nextlesson.
  7. 7. Title: Broc Et VerreArtist : Juan GrisOil PaintingExtensionWorkCompleteA collageSimilar toJuan Gris’sArtwork oppositeThe artworkShould be aCollage andhave a limitedcolour scheme.Use any materialFor the collageEmphasis is on Shapeand Overlappingobjects/shapes in the picture.
  8. 8. Pablo Picasso(Spanish, 1881-1973) Still life withGuitar.Paris, assembledbefore November15, 1913.Subsequentlypreserved by theartistPaperboard, paper, string, and paintedwire installed with cutcardboard boxOverall: 30 x 20 1/2 x7 3/4" (76.2 x 52.1 x19.7cm) The3Dimensional• Width• Heightand• Depth