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  1. 1. Sacred Heart School of Cavite Alfonso, Cavite “ A School of Character” First Assessment Exam SCIENCE 2- Punctuality Name Date I. Draw the missing part of the face. (5 points) II. Read the following statements carefully. Put a check (√) if the sentence states the proper way of taking care of the body parts and cross (X) if they are not.(10 points) 1. Washing hands with soap and water. 2. Taking a bath once a week 3. Reading under dim light. 4. Brushing teeth after every meal. 5. Cleaning your nails regularly. 6. Walking in the playground without slippers. 7. Cleaning your ears with cotton buds. 8. Eating healthy foods. 9. Covering your nose with a clean handkerchief. 10. Visiting your dentist at least once a year.
  2. 2. III. Identify the habitat of the animals below. Write L if the animal lives on land, W if it lives in water and LW if it lives both on land and in water. 15 points) 1. cow 6. horse 11.shrimp 2. squid 7. starfish 12.camel 3. frog 8. zebra 13. turtle 4. fish 9. crocodile 14. cat 5. dog 10.octopus 15. Duck IV. Read the statements carefully. Draw a happy face ( ) if the statement tells about the proper way of taking care of plants and sad face ( ) if it doesn’t. (5 points) 1. Planting new trees. 2. Putting the plants inside the closed box. 3. Tending the soil around the plants. 4. Picking flowers from any plant. 5. Removing the worms from the leaves. V. Classify the following objects if it is solid, liquid or gas.(15 points) milk oxygen ball juice gasoline book oftdrinks bags coffee helium wind television air table blood liquid gas solid