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Leak torre ted evaluation


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Leak torre ted evaluation

  1. 1. Financial Aid in the
  2. 2. IV
  3. 3. The Speaker was talking how Financial Aid is not really helping the people. How some people want to go to school but Financial Aid is not helping themPeople want to go school but their GPA is not good.
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. TIP FOR NANCY DUARTE?He treat the audience like they were the King and Queen How he moved the people How he use body language for Visual and Verbal
  6. 6. SCHOOLS KILL CREATIVITY COMPARE Ken Robinson He had the audience laughingHad the audience understanding what his speech was about Also tell stories doing his speak Did the same thing but use spoken word to get the Audience involved
  7. 7. CHANGING EDUCATION PARADIGMS Ken RobinsonUse freehand drawing to talk about his speech
  8. 8. Image sources