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Hotels websites

  1. 1. Léa Jézéquel Hotel websites comparison Esmeralda hotel Le general hotel
  2. 2. Easy to find? In both websites, information is easy to find since the main domains directly appear on the homepage and customers need to click on them to reach the information they are looking for. Nonethless, Le general website is much more well done to find information about rooms, services and prices as you only need to click on the appropriate subtitle whereas this type of information is not communicated on Esmeralda website. Indeed, as far as the Esmeralda hotel is concerned, customers need to call to get more information.
  3. 3. Easy to use? Both websites are very easy to use. Customers only need to click on the domain they want to explore and they directly get the requested information. If customers want to look for another information they do not necessarily need to come back to the homepage as the different domains appear in all pages of the website. Moreover, customers can choose their language in all pages as well.
  4. 4. Easy to book? In Le General website, rooms are very easy to book. The booking system directly appears on the first page. Customers can have access to two different booking systems. A very simple one where they choose the appropriate date to come, then all available rooms and prices appear in a new window and customers click on the « book » button linked to the room they want to choose. Another booking system is available for customers who want to book their room according to additional criteria. To access to this optional booking system customers click on « more options » in the homepage. As far as Esmeralda hotel is concerned, there is no booking system appearing on the website. Customers need to call directly the hotel to book their rooms.
  5. 5. Easy to share? None of both websites give access to share links. They do not have any Facebook profile either, but only contact pages to sent mails to the hotels.
  6. 6. Market positionning Esmeralda hotel does not give any hint on its target market. As far as Le General hotel is concerned, in the page dedicated to press releases, customers can download a file called « Dossier de presse » in which the philosophy and concept of the hotel are presented. It is implicitely specified that Le General hotel aims at customers who wish to have access to the same kind of services as in 4 stars hotels but for a lower price. It is also explained that the hotel deliberately comes within a modern / classical style to attract both customers who like design hotels and long for resting rooms.
  7. 7. Do they speak to target customer? Both websites use a neutral tone and do not give the impression they tend to speak to specific target customers. Le General hotel is the only one to involve its customers in its welcome speech.
  8. 8. How websites reflect the level and style of hotels? The very simple and old fashionned style of Esmeralda hotel’s website clearly indicates that it is a traditionnel hotel without any touristic distinction, which perfectly corresponds to the ancient style of its environnement (Notre-Dame church). Le General hotel’s website is much more modern with attractive colours and a sophisticated graphic style, which proves it is a 3 stars design hotel. An introduction page with music and animated drawings as well as a virtual visit of the rooms are included in the website.
  9. 9. Improvements recommended Esmeralda hotel should give information about its rooms, services and prices because a lot of customers woul probably not call the hotel to get such information. Instead, they would switch to other hotel websites in which information is available. Moreover, Esmeralda hotel should include a booking engine in its websites and not only rely on phone calls so that it can improve it booking rates. Esmeralda hotel has a lot of improvements to do in terms of communication with their customers. Esmeralda hotel needs to express clearly its market positionning. Moreover, even if the website tends to be resolutely representative of the old fashionned style of the hotel, it should use modern tools such as share links or mobile applications to spread their image on new interfaces. Le General hotel should change the presentation of its booking system appearing in homepage because it does not suit its graphic style. In addition, it needs to express more clearly its target customers and address directly its speech to website visitors so that they feel taken in account. Last, as in its introduction page, Le general hotel should include musics in its website in order to animate its presentation.