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Audience profiles


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Audience profiles

  1. 1. Audience Profiles
  2. 2. My target audience • The target audience research that I have done is based on the stereotypical people that like indie music and actual peoples interests into the indie genre of music. • My target audience isn’t the majority of people in society, as many people prefer pop music over other genres making it so popular and mainstream to certain age groups and mainly females. So my target audience is different to this and it is people who’s main interest in music revolves around indie and all of the sub genres that come into this (indie rock, indie pop etc). My target audience is both males and females aged between 14-24. My target audience is British people as this is where most indie artists originate from and this is also where my magazine would mainly be published. • I will start my target audience research by doing audience profiles of the stereotypical audience of the indie genre and then I will go onto audience profiles of my actual target audience.
  3. 3. My target audience- Female Name: Shannon Watts Age:17 years old Status: Student Thoughts and feelings about music magazines: Shannon doesn’t usually buy music magazines when she is in a shop wanting to buy a magazine, this is because they are priced so highly and you don’t often see them in all shops. Also she thinks that there is not enough magazines of every genre in the shops. What she would like from a music magazine: Shannon would like to see music magazines that would appeal to a wide range of people across different ages/genders and also people who don’t just like one genre, like herself. Shannon would also like to see the news about all the new and up and coming music artists along with gigs that will take place. Interests: Finding out about all the new music and the new artists that have come recently. Also likes to read things from books to newspapers to magazines. How does she interact with music and the different genres: Shannon attends concerts occasionally, where she goes to see her favourite artists, for example : The Weeknd and Maverick Sabre. She also downloads lots of different genres of music including indie an R&B to listen to everyday. Thoughts about indie: Shannon likes the indie genre of music as she find its relaxing and likes the type of instruments/ music they combine into the songs. She also likes that many indie artists are bands which she likes to listen too.
  4. 4. My target audience- Male Name: Joseph Watts Age: 23 years old Status: University student Thoughts and feelings about music magazines: Joseph likes buying music magazines every month. However he also thinks that there should be more availability of them and more of a choice of magazines in the same genre not just one. What he would like from a music magazine: Joseph would like too see bright colours attracting you to look at the magazine, however he thinks that they should not be overly bright as it might put people off and make them think that the magazine is pop for example even if it is not. Joseph would like to see lots of information about all the different artists in one genre included in a magazine. Joseph doesn’t really like the look of pop magazines as they come across as too mainstream for him so he prefers all of the other genres. Joseph thinks the artist on the front cover has to attract him in which makes him want to buy it more. Interests: Joseph loves to listen to music on a daily basis and likes to download/buy CD’s that are new out if they are by artists that he likes. He also likes to play football and likes to relax afterwards by listening to music. How does he interact with music and the different genres: Joseph has never been to a small gig or even a concert, this is because he believes that the prices of these are very expensive. However he says that if there was someone performing in his hometown that he really liked he would pay to see them. He buys new songs as they come out from the artists that he enjoys to listen too and he finds out about new artists from the music magazine that he reads. Thoughts about indie: Joseph likes the indie genre of music as it comes in all different forms (indie pop, indie rock etc) which makes all of the different artists involved sound different. However if he had a choice he would not listen to this genre of music all the time due to R&B being his favourite genre.