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Slaughterhouse 90210 Reflection


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Reflection for Slaughterhouse 90210 Project.

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Slaughterhouse 90210 Reflection

  1. 1. Leah Wilson November 17, 2011 ENG 230-007 Morgan Richardson Slaughterhouse 90210 Multimedia Assignment This project opened my eyes to the ability to relate historical texts to current pop culture.When I read these multiple texts I didn’t really connect any of the text to things that were goingon. Once I began looking for quotes to compare I kept finding multiple quotes that reminded meof so many different things going on with different celebrities. When looking though The PrivateMemoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner there were many different spots when readingback through I could image the same situation happening in present times. When I thought ofRobert I often thought of different celebrities, like Kevin Federline. They tried to do the rightthings (ie. paying child support vs. killing in the name of God) but instead kept making thewrong choices – the poor guys can’t seem to catch a break! In the same mindset, Gawain reminded me of many celebrities who are caught inrelationship scandals. In the text, Sir Gawain is caught by Bertilak lying about what his wife hadgiven him because Gawain was being selfish. Gawain was caught by Bertilak who turned out tobe the Green Knight and received no punishment for his lies. Although Gawain did feel a loss ofdignity and honor, there were no negative repercussions of his actions. In pop culture todaymany men (and women) get caught lying, cheating, and even drinking and driving and nohorrible repercussions come of them. They are not sent to jail for violating parole (ie. LindseyLohan) and merely receive a slap on the wrist (and maybe house arrest) much like thepunishment for Gawain when in reality he should have had his head chopped off.
  2. 2. The way Camus described Monsieur Meursault’s ability to have relationships remindedme much of the relationships of the current time period. People say that they love others whenthey truly do not mean it and it causes relationships to decline quickly. There are manyrelationships that end every year because the relationship was not based on love, but rathermoney or people just solely trying to climb the social ladder. With celebrities in the 21st centuryyou do not see many relationships that last, much less appear happy. Everyone should recognizethe situations of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Sonny andCher, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton, and now Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries!Love is a term that is thrown around loosely by kids in middle school relationships and adultswho don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings but in the grand scheme of things, Mersault didhimself a favor by telling Marie that truth about his feelings. When reading back over different sections of Heart of Darkness I see a lot of parallelsthat can be drawn between the two time periods. Even though there are many things that areextremely different, there are many things that are the same. Kurtz and Marlow both seeproblems with the way that their society is operating and the horrible things that humans aredoing and yet cannot (or will not) do much to change them. That idea still holds true for today.Many people find horrible problems within our society and with societies all over the world yetpeople are extremely reluctant to do something to change it; people are even scared to talk aboutissues they feel opinionated about. Overall by completing this project I was able to see parallels in text from centuries ago toevents and stories in popular culture. When reading the text one does not always see theconnections that can be made between the distinct time periods but after taking a closer look Ihave gained appreciation knowing that there are so many similarities over centuries of literature.
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