My first hike was 65 miles long.


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A reminder of what humans can do. And a recommitment to the reason I did this in the first place.

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My first hike was 65 miles long.

  1. 1. My first hike was 65 miles long. Up the side of a mountain.
  2. 2. A year ago, I climbed Kilimanjaro –19,341 feet. I learned some things.
  3. 3. I learned how much other people matter. Trust your guides, believe in your partners.
  4. 4. I learned how important water is. 4 liters a day will keep you alive, hiking through a pouring rainforest can be… interesting.
  5. 5. I remembered how to be an animal. Turning off the brain can be liberating.
  6. 6. I learned how to climb a mountain. Slowly - putting one foot in front of another.
  7. 7. I learned what birds already know. Nothing else lives above 13,000 feet.
  8. 8. I learned to appreciate details. A bowl of warm wash water in a hailstorm can keep you walking for a long time.
  9. 9. I learned that I can change at every waypoint. Human, dancer, dreamer, conservationist, whatever.
  10. 10. I learned that I’m strong. Coming from farm stock is a good thing.
  11. 11. I learned that everything heals. Blisters, spider bites, broken noses.
  12. 12. I learned a little bit of Swahili. And what a beautiful language it is.
  13. 13. I learned that love shows up everywhere. It sometimes comes in the form of rocks and oxygen tanks.
  14. 14. I learned that humans are incredible. Wisdom doesn’t look how you think.
  15. 15. I learned some monkeys like digging up potatoes.
  16. 16. I learned that there are cold deserts.
  17. 17. I learned about ancient glacial lakes. That won’t be there in 50 years.
  18. 18. I learned that I am not very good at indiegogo fundraising. But that there is ALWAYS time to learn…anything.
  19. 19. I climbed to raise money for an African rhino sanctuary. Now is a chance to remember and honor that commitment.
  20. 20. I believe in living. Here are some people saving different endangered animal species: | Mkomozi Sanctuary
  21. 21. A year ago, I went for my first hike. I haven’t been hiking since.
  22. 22. But if you have a mountain in mind, let me know. I’m game.
  23. 23. Thanks!