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[freespace] is about creating community, civic innovation, and creativity. For the month of June, in the heart of central market SF, we created an experimental, 14,000 square foot space that sparked some amazing projects: a parking lot garden, a bike share program, an outdoor mural gallery, and more than 160 community events.

We believe in this idea. And in keeping it going. Here's how you can contribute to the project.


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  • http://venturebeat.com/2013/05/16/homeless-to-hacker-how-the-maker-movement-changed-one-mans-life/ 
  • But we’re doing so with an amazing team and supporters
  • [freespace] - be a part of this

    1. 1. creating a culture of changeyou can be involvedmaking: community
    2. 2. june is the month of civic hackingin San Francisco (and nationwide)Publicly-released government data  Hands on hacking Solve city and world challenges  An extension of hackforchange.org
    3. 3. what is happening in SF?[freespace] >(“hacker” space – arts, programming, hacking all month.)• hands on events and hackathons>(events to create a city bikeshare program, a community garden, and solutions for local nonprofits)• learning shelter >(developing shipping container tech shop – helping homeless become more self-sufficient )• parking lot garden>(transformed the parking lot into an organic vegetable garden using gifted supplies and donated plants)• street art gallery>(20 street artists created an outdoor gallery, viewable from the street, enjoyable by all)
    4. 4. what are the results of [freespace]?amazing! 22 days after opening, we had:1587 web visitors each day58,933 total weekly reach (on Facebook)106 events scheduled2,300 new IN PERSON visitors to the space
    5. 5. this space supports and lives in an ideal urbanenvironment for reaching the people in need(midmarket location is between homeless services and community-driven [freespace])
    6. 6. projects such as: the learning shelterthe vision of [freespace] fellow mark roth – homeless turned makerSelf-educated at TechShop  Featured in VentureBeat  Helping to design thespace  Goal: help other homeless and underemployed learn to build and make
    7. 7. But we need 30 more days to finalize theseprojects
    8. 8. we need two things:involvement + funding
    9. 9. XDonate $1000 or $2500how you can get involved
    10. 10. .$1,000Host an Event in the Art Lot 

Muralists have transformed the parking lot next to [freespace] withamazing works of art. A community garden has sprung up in just 8 days and the BBQ is ready to be fired up! Grabthis perk and have your pick of dates and times to host the event of your choice.Also receive a ticket to join the [freespace] farewell festival! // Estimated delivery: July 2013$2,500
Be in our documentary 

You get a spot in our official [freespace] documentary at the end ofthe National Month of Civic Hacking. Share your feelings on why [freespace] inspires you and your ideas for howto spread civic hacking!Also receive a ticket to join the [freespace] farewell festival! // Estimated delivery: July 2013http://indiegogo.com > freespacewhat are the gifts in exchange?
    11. 11. why is joining in worth it?ROI:• Mention in [freespace] highlight video – requested by the White House• Media mentions• Citation as example of successful brand + civic partnership• New connections with people who also believe in change and possibility• Helping to strengthen the city we love – and spread this idea to other places in need
    12. 12. in some ways this is about building therunway – and we are making this happen
    13. 13. jay nath(sf chief innovation officer )WITH KEY COLLABORATORSshannon spanhake(sf deputy innovation officer )
    15. 15. this is exactly what hacking andinnovation are all about.
    16. 16. leah hunter(avp, insights & innovation, idea couture)She helps build human stories into products and experiences for brandsfrom Apple to Cisco. This particular project: a team effort – and a labor oflove.415.860.1223lhunter@ideacouture.comFOR MAJOR CONTRIBUTIONS CONTACT
    17. 17. for more info and to get involvedhttp://freespace.iohackforchange.orghttps://www.facebook.com/freespace.io
    18. 18. thank you!