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Benefits and Challenges to OER


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Benefits and challenges to OER

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Benefits and Challenges to OER

  1. 1. Leah Hannaford’s Thoughts on Open Educational Resources (OER)
  2. 2. Benefits to OER:  1 - The opportunity to save learners money  2 - The potential for long-term access to course materials  3 - The collaborative nature that OER offers  4 - The evolution of higher education – we live in a connected world – our educational resources will adapt to that world  5 - Enhancing subjects that change rapidly and preserving subjects that might disappear
  3. 3. Challenges to OER:  1 - Finding materials that have quality in all aspects  I can find materials with good video – I can find materials with decent practical exercises – can I find materials with both in all subjects?
  4. 4. Our current information systems:  2 - OER will need to be integrated into existing information systems  Systems used for resource retrieval and also instruction  3 - Time spent informing learners and teachers on how to find and incorporate OER
  5. 5. Articulating policies:  4 - Learners and faculty will need to Understand and be able to articulate differences in copyrights  5 - Maintaining stamina to create better systems  Integrating OER will require more than a few presentations on “why” and will need to move into the “how” – learners, faculty, and staff will have to work together to integrate OER