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IMC plan book for the American Advertising Student Competition

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IMC plan for State Farm Insurance

  1. 1. Summing it Up Simple, Iconic, Effective Live ON is a lifestyle. It identifies and connects with the target Customizing Live ON Solutions These are examples of different as individuals. Live ON is a unifying concept with the flexibility to executions for the Live ON campaign. branch out and take on a variety of personalities that appeal to The custom-made figures are diverse and can live across many different media. a diverse audience. They can be printed onto stickers that are customized for events, turned into signs for guerilla marketing and used in Live ON will be in many different places and take ads to reinforce the brand. on many different forms. Our research shows that the target cannot be defined with a single adjective or phrase. They’re all over the place, with different hobbies, interests and attitudes. That’s why Live ON will speak to each individual. Snowboarders can Shred ON, musicians can Rock ON and video gamers can Play ON. Live ON is a unique and appealing campaign in a world that has become inundated with easy-to-ignore ads. Different people do different things – that’s why Live ON will work. Play Dance 2
  2. 2. Crafting a Strategy Laying It All Out SWOT & Objectives SWOT Objectives We created a SWOT analysis to identify areas of potential growth, while recognizing The main goal of the Live obstacles to overcome. Our plan acknowledges the weaknesses by turning them into ON campaign, as laid out opportunities. State Farm will shed its target’s perception of being “old fashioned” and by the case, is to change overpriced, create unified and consistent advertising, reach the target more effectively and young adults’ perception of brand the company with an icon. State Farm. This will lead to increased market share and Auto insurance purchases. Secondary objectives in- clude increasing awareness Strengths Weaknesses of Renters insurance, and · Financially stable, with top ratings · Inconsistent advertising mix retaining legacy and current · Agent model provides close customer relationship · No identifiable icon independents. · Appeal to multiple demographics · Has “old fashioned” stigma Other communication · Stable and established brand · Perceived as more expensive objectives we will achieve · Top insurance sales in U.S. market · Competitors reaching young adults more effectively include: · Recognizable slogan and logo · Increase traffic to State Farm websites · Strong presence at sporting events · Move to top three in Google organic search · Increase participation in Threats State Farm events Opportunities · Highly competitive market Achieving these secondary · Reaching the 18-25-year-old demographic · Online, direct-model competitors goals will provide a structure · Expansion of Renters insurance with target · Insurance offered from non-traditional providers for accomplishing our pri- · Emerging avenues of communication with target · Weak economy mary objective. · New sponsorships and partnerships · Rebranding State Farm’s image appeal to the target ·Target values guidance from agents Plan 3
  3. 3. The Other‘Em to Beat ‘Em Gotta Know Guys Competitive Analysis Main Message Market Share The message conveyed by Geico, Allstate and Progressive’s -Allstate has the second largest with 10% advertising is the same: low price. They have each positioned -Geico has the third largest with 8% themselves as companies that will save the target money. -Progressive has the fourth largest with 7% Importance: While research has shown that price is important to Importance: State Farm has the largest market share in the target, positioning State Farm solely on price wouldn’t distin- Auto insurance with 18%.1 This campaign will expand this lead by guish them from the competition. The Live ON campaign instead getting the 18-25-year-old target on board. uses the price positioning as an added bonus. It is an extra some- thing in addition to experienced, reliable agents who let you live on Business Options after a misfortune. Each company has different options when it comes to providing their customers with insurance. Allstate is the only other top Auto Media Presence: Icons insurer to focus on agents. Progressive has a strong online pres- Geico has used several icons to represent its brand including the ence, but their agents become a last resort in terms of customer Gecko, the Cavemen and the Money Watcher (eyes). Allstate cur- service. All information and help from Progressive is only found rently has Dennis Haysbert, and Progressive uses Flo the Discount online. Geico also has an Internet based business model. Lady. Importance: This campaign capitalizes on State Farm agents Importance: The Live ON campaign is unique because it will being there to help the target move on after misfortunes. All this, not rely on a spokesperson. Instead it will create a unifying look while letting them know their lifestyle is important and significant. and message to represent the State Farm brand, separating the Our primary research shows that the target would rather purchase company from the competitors. Our primary research supports insurance for the first time with an agent’s guidance. this decision. We found that the target cannot remember which spokesperson belongs to which company: “Name the last State Farm advertisement you remember viewing: ‘The one where the black guy [Dennis Haysbert] is talking’ - Misha, 20.” “...they [State Farm] don’t have cutesy Target -Allstate’s website traffic comes from the 35+ demographic ac- animals, or cartoons hawking their quite cording to serious services. I may buy my cereal -Progressive and Geico’s website traffic comes from the 25+ demographics according to because of a cartoon Tiger, but I won’t Importance: 18-25-year-old’s do not visit competitors’ websites. purchase insurance the same way.” The Live ON campaign will capitalize on this opportunity. Ben, 24 4
  4. 4. Digging up Some Info... Research, Research, Research To Solve the Problem, We Set Out To... Research · Understand the target’s current brand perception · Understand how State Farm sees themselves · Detect the target’s patterns of media usage · Research campaigns successful with the target · Research and identify State Farm’s current and past marketing efforts Learn And We Gathered... Primary Research: Secondary Research: · 20 Agent interviews · Initial research on nature of insurance industry · 16 State Farm client interviews · Multicultural research including demographics, · 256 Preference and buying pattern survey geographics and psychographics of our target market · State Farm’s past and current marketing efforts · 59 In-depth target interviews · Main competitors’ past and current marketing efforts · 60 Days of media observations · Effective campaigns with the target · Media statistics for media buying · General insurance information to better understand the case · Target audience habits and preferences · Sports sponsorships · Social media types and effectiveness Search 5
  5. 5. ...And this is what we found Answers, Answers, Answers We set out to find how much 18-25-year-olds knew or cared about the insurance world. An initial survey was conducted to help understand young adults’ attitudes toward insurance. We Key Findings found: · 76% prefer to purchase insurance with an agent · 77% don’t have Renters insurance · Majority of those who currently have State Farm chose the company based on price or legacy · 18-25-year-olds who are unfamiliar with State Farm’s rates perceive it as too expensive An online survey that reached 256 people across the nation helped shape the way we plan on targeting the young adult crowd. The geographic distribution of the target varies tremendously. We chose these 10 cities based on information from Circle Youth Demographics which cited these cities as having the highest population of the target. Four of the 10 cities in the Southern region also have the highest drivers We talked to 18-25-year-olds per capita (36%). In addition, the Southern states have the most equal distribution of different 2 across the country in 36 states ethnicities of any of the four Census-designated regions. These are the top 10 cities: · Los Angeles, CA · New York, NY · Philadelphia, PA · Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX · Houston, TX · Atlanta, GA · Miami, FL · Washington, D.C. · Boston, MA · Chicago, IL 6
  6. 6. Target “New Independents” Cultivate Create Brand Social Identity 56% Work Full Time Lifestyle Google Reviews Target Friends 60% College Earn to Family Online Blogs YouTube Students Spend Facebook MySpace Advice Want to be Busy Spending Famous Impatient Texting Hulu Social Networking DVR Smart Phones On Demand Entitled Tech-Savvy iPods This group is characterized by their newfound independence. It would be nice to explain the target in a few simple paragraphs, but the target is anything but simple. They can only be understood by highlighting their complexity in a simple way. We’ve done so by creating an all-encompassing lifestyle web of their most important trends, views and pat- terns. Live ON will resonate with the target because it is a campaign that can be crafted to their personalities.3 7
  7. 7. Live on Individual With State Farm Concept Positioning: State Farm has the experience, knowledge and Be An reliability to let you live your life with less worry. Young adulthood is full of newfound State Farm’s way of telling them freedoms and responsibilities. For that no matter what happens, they many, becoming self-sufficient is a can continue to live the life that they liberating feeling, but it can also be want because they have State Farm’s a giant headache. Along with having renowned coverage and the guidance Creative Concept to worry about their finances, many of a personal insurance agent. of them have to worry about college, We recommend positioning State work and a lousy economy. Farm as having the experience, The twenties are different knowledge and reliability to let you from the teenage years because live your life with less worry. suddenly, adulthood is real. They Live ON is the main slogan, and have to balance between “fun” is identified by the iconic, red “ON” and “responsibility.” Insurance is circle and edgy typeface. Some something they don’t want to worry examples of this concept include about. Our creative concept promises Rock ON, Surf ON, Game ON, and young adults that they can live their Party ON. The versatility of Live ON lives to the fullest with State Farm’s is endless and each message speaks help. Live ON is that balance. It is directly to the individual lifestyles of young adults across the nation. 8
  8. 8. Tried and True Maintaining a Message The media plan is designed to surround the target so that State Farm becomes a part of their lifestyle. Having a large presence on the Internet, where the target spends most of their time, is central to our plan. We also recommend advertising during the target’s favorite TV shows. Live ON is made to be inter- active. Whether cramming in a college class, hanging with friends at a bar, cheering at their favorite extreme sports event, singing with their favorite band at a music festival or sipping coffee at their favorite café, the Live ON message will be there. We have added media that focus specifically on reaching the multicultural target, including malls, publications and events. All the media choices are designed to constantly be present in the target’s daily life. Traditional Magazine Advertisements - “Snowboarder” and “Surfer” The signs depicted in these ads encourage actions that the target enjoys. These are examples of print advertisements that can be placed in “Snowboarder” and “Surfer” magazine. Ride They are elements that reinforce the campaign in a perma- nent way. The jargon used in the copy speaks directly to the members of the target who participate in these sports, mak- ing them feel that State Farm truly understands them. 9
  9. 9. Magazine Advertisements - Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan reaches 33% of the target and is read by almost 3 million people. The female-oriented magazine is the best-selling magazine in the college market.4 75% of young female adults are loyal to brands they like.5 Why not Asian-Americans? Our research suggests that it would not be beneficial to include Asian-geared advertis- ing in the Live ON campaign. Traditional Compared to other multicul- tural groups, Asians do not respond positively to cultural manifestations in advertise- ments. In other words, they generally do not appreciate advertisements which are Magazine Advertise- solely intended to reach the ments - Cosmopolitan Asian culture. Asian-specific Español marketing will likely dissuade We recommend them from purchasing State advertising in Cos- Farm Insurance. Also, research mopolitan en Español illustrates that Asians are one to reach Hispanic of the least socially sensitive Magazine Advertisement - Hip Hop Weekly women. The maga- ethnic groups, so our social Hip Hop Weekly reaches young African Ameri- zine’s readership networking efforts would not cans. One million people read every issue of is 98% women.4 have a significant effect on the biweekly magazine.6 According to our re- According to Nielsen, their purchasing decisions. search, African Americans are the most brand advertisements creat- Thanks to our in-depth re- loyal and most likely to purchase their own ed specifically for the search, we have prevented insurance in young adulthood.7 Spanish market rate wasting dollars on a market higher because they which will not respond to cul- appear to be more turally specific advertising.7 culturally relevant and friendly. 10
  10. 10. Establishing A Spot Television Ad 1 - Auto Insurance 1 Run 2 3 Why TV? Work Play The target, despite its mobile life- style, still spends their late nights in front of the tube. Cable net- works such as ESPN, TBS, MTV, Comedy Central and Adult Swim Traditional are some of the most popular net- Audio: Upbeat music Scene 2: Same guy playing Scene 3: Same guy working works among the target.8 A few of Scene 1: Guy running at dawn. fetch with his dog. “Play ON” at an outdoors sporting goods “Run ON” appears. appears. store, helping customers. “Work the top shows on these networks ON” appears. are Family Guy, The Office, South Park, The Real World and Jersey 6 Shore.9 During these shows State 4 5 Farm has a greater probability of getting the target to Log ON and explore the campaign. Carry Scene 4: Same guy standing Scene 5: Guy gets on his phone Scene 6: Guy is shown driving, next to his car, front end dam- and calls his agent. Screen music is playing and he looks aged. splits and shows State Farm happy. “Live ON” appears, then agent answering the phone. State Farm logo appears. Music lowers and agent’s voice Narration: Great, affordable is heard saying, “First of all, are coverage. Personal agents. Live you okay? Don’t worry about your life with one less thing to the insurance details, I’ll take worry about. Get a quote at care of that.” Guy smiles and Watch looks relieved. “Carry ON” ap- Audio: State Farm Jingle pears. 11
  11. 11. Television Ad 2 - Renters Insurance 1 zen 2 Shop 3 4 Learn Audio: Scene 2: Scene 3: Scene 4: Traditional Pop song. Same girl shopping at the mall, Same girl studying and listening Same girl lounging by a pool, Scene 1: listening to iPod. “Shop ON” to iPod. “Learn ON” appears. listening to iPod. Kid cannon- Girl doing yoga in a yoga stu- appears. balls into the pool. The splash dio, listening to iPod. “Zen ON” drenches her iPod and it quits appears. working. 5 6 7 Lounge 8 Scene 5: Scene 6: Scene 7: Scene 8: Girl looks worried at first, Screen splits with State Farm Girl smiles, looks relieved, turns Shot 5: Girl strutting down the begins to ponder, pulls her cell agent answering phone. Music over and continues lounging. street to the music coming phone out of her bag and calls lowers and agent is heard “Lounge ON” appears. from her new iPod. “Live ON” her agent. saying, “Actually yes, with appears, then State Farm logo your Renters policy your iPod appears. is insured, along with the rest Narration: Great, affordable the valuables in your home. coverage. Personal agents. Live And it’s only a dollar more per your life with one less thing to month with your auto insurance worry about. Get a quote at policy.” Audio: State Farm Jingle 12
  12. 12. Did you See that? Tracking Them Down in Their Territory The target is elusive, so State Farm needs to be in unexpected places to catch their attention. Non-traditional advertising is a great way to accomplish this goal. These advertisements seamlessly fit into the target’s lifestyle. Coffee Sleeves Malls - Sky Mural Java. Caffeine. Coffee. Whatever you call it, We recommend advertising in malls across the they drink it. Advertising on coffee sleeves country, focusing on the 10 cities with the high- is an innovative way to reach them. The free est concentration of the target. The malls with the coffee sleeves are given to various coffee highest amount of monthly traffic were selected Non-Traditional shops and cafés in the top 10 cities with the for placement of sky murals. These sky murals, highest concentration measuring 16’x12,’ will be impossible for the of the target popula- target to miss. Members of the target visit this tion. The coffee sleeves cool hangout an average of three times a month, will be handed out spending almost 75 minutes per visit.11 We se- during the chilly win- lected two additional malls with large populations ter months, October of African Americans and Hispanics. through March, when people are more likely to be drinking hot coffee.10 1 College Notebooks Free college notebooks? Yes please! We recommend State Farm partner with GPA Media to distribute notebooks at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters at 55 campuses. GPA Media partners with certain schools including University of Illinois, University of Washington and Miami Dade College.12 Stu- dents will see State Farm’s message every time they take notes, doodle or tear out a sheet of paper to remind their roommate to buy Top Ramen. Everyday use and sharing will increase frequency. Ads will be Shop placed on the back of the notebook and include a Live ON watermark on every page. 13
  13. 13. gettin’ Technical The Things They Can’t Live Without 1 2 Video Games - In-Game Advertising 18-25-year-old males are the highest users of top rated first-person shooter and sports video games. We recommend placing in-game ads in XBox 360, the most popular console.13 We have chosen the following video games based on our Non-Traditional research of the target’s interests: 3 4 · Call of Duty: Modern Warfare · Madden 2011 · NBA Live 11 · FIFA 2011. This is the equivalent of State Farm giving kudos to the target’s mad skills. This form of advertising is so new, Nielsen just started recording advertising game ratings with GamePlay Metrics, a program we recommend State Farm Text Ads - ChaCha use to track success.14 Since the target is tech-savvy and always on the go, we recommend placing advertisements with Smart Phone Ads ChaCha. This text messaging Q&A service will al- Over 4.7 million young adults, ages 18- low the Live ON advertisements to be seen by the 24, actively browse the mobile web each target while they wait for their response text. This month.16 We recommend mobile promos allows the user to click on a link or click-to-call. 15 on AdMob as part of our branding solu- tion. The target can click on the ads from any smart phone in order to connect with the Live ON website, the State Farm You- Tube channel and/or an agent. 2 14
  14. 14. Cinema Advertising “Here’s looking at you, kid.” The target goes to the movies. A lot. We recommend advertis- ing in movie theaters in the 10 cities with the highest concentration of the target. Advertising before the feature film will effectively reach the target since they are among the most fre- quent movie-goers. Cinema advertising reaches an average of 61% of the target, 2.2 times a month.17 Multicultural groups report going to movies more than Caucasian young adults.18 We recommend placing ads in movie theaters from May through July and then November through January. Research shows ticket sales are highest in these months.19 Advertising during these months will reach over 20 million movie-goers.20 Insuring the Extreme Sponsorships Competition Sponsorships X Games, Dew Tour, U.S. Open of Surfing According to our primary research, the target is defined by an ac- tive lifestyle. Through direct interactions and by being part of their activities, State Farm will directly engage the target in the Live ON campaign. Action sports’ popularity has taken off within the last few years, and young adults are leading the way. Those who compete in ac- tion sports are on average 21-years-old.21 We recommend State Farm become a sponsor of three of the biggest action sports events: Winter X Games, Dew Tour and U.S. Open of Surfing. Last year, the X Games had almost 70,000 people in atten- dance, primarily between 18 and 24, and the Dew Tour had over 275,000 people at all of the tour locations.22 The Dew Tour also drew in over 41 million viewers on TV.23 We believe that if State Farm plays an active role at these events, the target will accept them into their inner circle. Compete 15
  15. 15. The Info Hub Where Live ON Lives The Live ON website is an essential part of our efforts to more effectively reach the target. It offers a balance between social entertainment and insurance information. Visitors to the site will need to register by providing their name, number and email in order to get a quote or upload content, while the other information is readily avail- Online able. Agents will then be able to target visitors who are located near their office and guide them in the right direction. The website focuses on insurance by offering a section dedicated to what State Farm has to offer. Buying insurance for the first time can be confusing, so the site will be an environment that’s less stressful for the tar- get. All of our tactics, events and commu- nication direct the target to The site acts as a segue for the agents to bring in their personal touch. The target will be able to stay current on events and find out what State Farm is doing next. The video contest is a main feature of the page so the target can submit videos and watch others. will also be the hub for State Farm’s social media efforts. Features: · Insurance FAQ and Tips · Renters Insurance · Get a Quote · L.I.V.E. Contest · Photos · Discount Double Check · Find an Agent · Jam ON Tour · Street Team 16
  16. 16. Surfif’n the Net Online Advertising In addition to the Live ON website, online advertising will reinforce State Farm’s message. The target spends a whopping 37.16 hours online per week.24 We recommend participating in numerous online applications to reach the target where they spend so much time.4 According to our primary research, 89.4% of respondents said Facebook is their favorite website. We recommend buying 3.2 billion impressions on Facebook. That’s enough for every member of the target on Facebook to see State Farm’s Live ON campaign 99 times during the year.25 We also recommend advertising on MySpace, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Grooveshark, TMZ, Gizmodo, Ustream and Digg. This is where the target lives on the web. By involving State Farm in every aspect of their online endeavours, State Farm will change the target’s perception. Because of this, the target will be more willing to integrate State Farm into their insurance decisions. Online Google AdWords Using Google is second nature to the target. “Google it!” has become the answer to every question. We recommend buying specific key- words and phrases so the Live ON website pops up as a sponsored link. We are also going to buy the phrases “Farmers” and “Allstate,” since our primary research shows those companies are often confused with State Farm because of the similarity in names. Here are some examples of the words we suggest buying: Online Television Shows - Hulu We recommend using the same cable networks for online television as for traditional television, plus expanding to broadcast networks that provide online episode viewing: Grey’s Anatomy, House and American Idol. When the target watches television online, they automatically watch the ads before and during Log the programs, which will guarantee an impression every time. 17
  17. 17. Finding the virtual hangout Reaching Niche Demographics Online Gizmodo TMZ Grooveshark Attn: Techies! According to, Gizmo- The female target wants the dirt, gossip and The target rocks out to their favorite music do is the most popular technology blog among the skinny on the latest haps in Hollywood. through Grooveshark, a music-streaming web- the target. It averages a total of 436,000 visits TMZ, a popular celebrity gossip website, aver- site. It averages 25.8 thousand unique visits per day. Users can read new product reviews, ages 1.2 million visits per day and feeds this per day. The site allows users to build playlists get the latest buzz on new gizmos and talk need. 26 based on individual music preferences, similar about their favorite gadgets. We recommend to Pandora. We recommend State Farm take advertising on Gizmodo during May to coin- over the site with a “skin,” in addition to buying cide with the release of the new Halo: Reach banner ads. video game. 18
  18. 18. Operation Interaction The Strategy Cultural boundaries are broken The strategy? The power of by music, so let’s get this party participation. started! We recommend becoming Every tactic has one essential the main sponsor at 10 popular element: interaction. The target’s music festivals, creating a traveling world is extremely hands on. So, Street Team, offering free taxi to become part of their world State rides and placing snap shot photo Farm will need to push boundaries booths all over the nation. Each to be where they are, be part of what event will draw in the target, create they’re doing and know where they’re interest about State Farm and headed. Public Relations allow them to connect with the All of these tactics will collectively State Farm brand through the Live work to change the target’s brand ON campaign. perception of the company from “old school” to “they get me.” Hands 19
  19. 19. Don’t Stop the Music Sponsorships Music Festivals - Jam ON Music Festival Tents The presence of State Farm at music festivals is an important component to the Live ON After a hard day of rocking out to their favorite bands, campaign. We have selected cities heavily populated by the target and chosen music festivals all the target wants to do is take a break from the featured in surrounding areas. These festivals reach the demographic that the Live ON 27 crowd. Lounge areas, gaming consoles, reenergizing campaign is targeting. For example, Lollapalooza’s largest demographic consists of men and snacks and water, plus free Live ON-inspired swag will women ages 18-34. The festival’s line-up includes: The Killers, Kings of Leon, Snoop Dogg and let the target know State Farm is there to complete their the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Our primary research shows that the target’s music preference directly experience. reflects top performers in the chosen Live ON music festivals. We also recommend using photographers and bag valet at all festivals. State Farm is currently using this tactic, and our research has shown its success. A photographer will take photos of the target hanging with friends and enjoying all aspects of the tent. The photos will later be uploaded to the Live ON website. Festival-goers will be asked for their email and phone Public Relations number so they can view and upload their photos to their favorite social media outlets. The bag valet will be set up inside all Live ON tents to remind the target they can rely on State Farm. The tent will feature “cool facts” signs about the bands and State Farm Insurance. There will also be an area for meet and greets. The Street Team and State Farm representatives will be on hand to answer any questions. Relax ON at a Glance · Areas to chill (couches, chairs, tables) · Video game set up (Wii, XBOX) · Swag table (bags, water bottles, stickers, t-shirts) · Free water bottles and snacks · Meet and greet area · Photographer (will be able to view and upload pictures through website) · Bag Valet 20 3
  20. 20. Life is a Highway Street Team Touring the Country What would be cooler than traveling the country, going to music festivals and gaining an entire Street Team Arrival Dates Festival Dates Festivals Cities May 20-22 May 29-31 Sasquatch!28 Seattle, WA year of real world experience? Absolutely nothing. May 27-29 June 5-6 Free Press Summer29 Houston, TX That’s why we recommend selecting a diverse June 10-13 June 10-13 Bonnaroo30 Atlanta, GA June 24-27 June 24-27 Country Fest31 Caddot, WI 12-person team of interns to become the State July 29-31 Aug 6-8 Lollapalooza32 Chicago, IL Farm Street Team. Members of the target 21 and Aug 11-14 Aug 21-14 Sunset Strip Festival33 Los Angeles CA Aug 19-21 Aug 26-29 Outside Lands34 San Francisco, CA older will be able to apply to become a Street Sept 23–Oct 2 Oct 8-10 Austin City Limits35 Austin, TX Team member. They must be 21 or over because Feb (TBA) TBA Ultra Music Festival36 Miami, FL April (TBA) TBA Coachella37 Indio, CA members will interact in local bar settings.The ap- plication will be posted on the campaign website, university job boards, Facebook, Twitter, Monster. com, and (an ac- tion sports job listing website). Public Relations The Street Team members will get the opportu- nity to travel on the Live ON tour bus to selected cities throughout the year. Their arrival will pre- cede the music festivals by one week. The team’s responsibilities will include: · Creating hype for the music festival · Handing out swag on local college campuses, downtown areas and hot spots the target frequents (year-round) · Maintaining the Street Team blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts according to the State Farm standard (year-round) · Meet and greet set up Drive · Heavy interaction with the target and getting them excited about State Farm (year-round) The Street Team members will receive $15,000 21 salary and room and board during their term.
  21. 21. Mad Swag and More Supporting the Street Team Photo Booth Coasters The target loves to tell stories, especially through pic- We recommend that State Farm replace ge- tures. Five Live ON photo booths will travel with the neric alcohol branded coasters with Live ON Street Team and be placed at selected hot spots coasters at bars and restaurants. The mes- around the cities. This interactive element will be free sages on the coasters will include “Laugh of charge. Two pictures will print with State ON,” “Smile ON” and “Dance Farm’s Live ON logo and website info. ON.” The back will ask, “Are Members of the target can retrieve ad- you ON tonight?” The coast- ditional photos by entering their email ers will correspond with the address and phone number at LIVEON. arrival of the Street Team, com. These photos can be directly uploaded photo booths and free rides. to social networking sites, making their Live ON experience viral. Bike Racks Safe Ride Home Taxi Service Primary research shows that 38% of the target Promoting safe driving is synonymous with is physically active. With the growing popularity State Farm. State Farm will offer a safe ride home of riding bikes to be eco-friendly, we recommend for one night in the selected cities across the na- State Farm sponsor red bike racks with the “Ride tion. The service will arrive at the same time as the ON” message. These public bike racks will be Street Team to build anticipation for the festivals. placed in cities the Street Team will visit. Participants will have to visit the Live ON campaign website, enter their phone number Mirror Decals and email and print a voucher for their free ride. We recommend placing mirror decals at bars and Missed the buzz? No problem - the target can restaurants in the selected cities. This unexpected also show the driver the photo booth film strip to placement will be sure to catch the target’s at- get to the next destination. tention. This will also correspond with the Street Using an executive car service and professional Team’s arrival and will continue to build buzz lead- drivers, State Farm will offer the target a free ride ing to the festivals. within a 10-mile radius from the pick up location. Each car will be branded with magnetic signs that have the “Live ON” and “Drive ON” logos. 22
  22. 22. Pitch Like Media Pro Earned a and Publicity Media relationships will be an important part of partnership with Product(RED), an initiative from Example Pitch: Chicago, IL. Lollapalooza the Live ON campaign. Throughout the year we the Live ON campaign. The target can respond to Publication: Cosmopolitan Magazine recommend State Farm pitch stories, send out threads, share opinions with others and begin to Pitch: Take a Risk for a Cool Job: Experience media advisories and press releases to national spread word-of-mouth buzz about State Farm. Life Through State Farm Festivals, Photo publications that have a social media outlet. We also recommend that State Farm extend Booths and Scholarships Cosmopolitan and Paste Magazine are just two 38 their communication efforts to local publications When: 2 Months Prior to Festival examples of magazines that discuss a variety of that have online communities. For example, Red topics that interest and reach the target. Primary Eye at is a media source where Publication: Red Eye at research shows that 32% of participants listed Live ON can generate opinions. Although it is Pitch: Free Taxis, Photos and Swag, Oh My! Cosmopolitan in their top three favorite maga- important for the target to express themselves, State Farm Wants You to Live Your Life zines. 100% of Paste Magazine’s readers cite monitoring opinions in the blogging world will When: 1 Month Prior to Festival listening to music as their favorite activity and be paramount to State Farm’s success. These 94% attend live music concerts. State Farm 39 earned media tactics will help State Farm’s Live will be able to pitch anything from promoting the ON message come full circle. Public Relations coolest scholarship experience around to the new Partner with a Purpose Product(RED) Global Partnership In the past, State Farm has been known for their community outreach efforts in the form of scholarship funds, safety programs and service learning. It’s time State Farm takes a stand on a global issue. For every (RED) product sold, up to 50% goes to providing antiretroviral drugs to AIDS victims in Africa.40 This partnership would connect State Farm to other partners associated with Product(RED) including Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Converse, Gap and Dell. Our primary research shows that the target views these brands as their favorites. Typically, a specific (RED) product is produced by participating brands so we recommend that State Farm donate a portion of newly purchased policies to the fight. Earned media will front be the vehicle that drives the target to this campaign. State Farm agents will participate in the campaign by wearing red INSU(RED) polo shirts in the office and at events. The agents can also take local initiatives behind the INSU(RED) Give campaign to bring the global issue to the community. back 23
  23. 23. Map Your Trip Hand-Held V.I.P. Pass Elements of the Free App: We believe interactive social media that is free of charge and includes music is the perfect Social Media melody to success with the target. Take the advice of Bob Marley and jam with State Farm. Festival Map: Each music festival will have a map to help plan out the iPhone user’s day. The user can select the shows they want to see in a day, and the iPhone app maps it out. This includes organizing show times, what stage the band is playing on and the time between shows. The app uses a multi-touch interface to zoom in and out of the map. Tapping on the Relax ON tent graphic highlights its features, including free water bottles, State Farm swag and photos. Google Map: The app will include directions to the festivals and provide the most direct route. Information on bus routes and taxis will also be provided. Festival Playlists: Each festival will have a playlist within the app. On their way to the festival, the target can hook it up to an iPhone player in the car and rock to their favorite artists that will be playing, pumping them up for the festival. Picture Photo Booth: iPhone users can take four consecutive pictures in the app which will be shown in a photo strip. The users can then upload their pictures to or Facebook. Tips: The app can clue the target in on FAQs, festival tips, insurance tips, weather updates and what the festival-goer should bring.41 MySpace will allow the target to Jam On while Tweets will correlate with PR tactics. These will Ustream will use live video to capture the surfing the net. MySpace has a high percent- include updates of where the Street Team is, excitement at sponsored events and the Street age of African-American and Hispanic users. what they are doing and what’s coming up. We Team’s excursions. Videos taken at the festivals Music is the most popular reason the target still recommend sponsoring “Twitteratti” celebrities will show the interaction between the target and frequents site. We recommend creating playlists like Reggie Bush, Taylor Swift, Soulja Boy and the numerous activities offered within the Live to match the music lineups of the festivals State Lady Gaga. Selected celebrities who have over ON booths. This can also be shared on their Farm will sponsor. Users will be able to stream a million followers will tweet about State Farm other social media through links and uploading these playlists on their profiles. products and events.42 of their videos. 24 22
  24. 24. Connect Your Life Social Media 18-25-year-olds are doing so much of the content sharing themselves, they have become virtual content publishers.43 The State Social Media Farm Live ON campaign will be published online by these living, breathing, passionate young adults who will redirect traffic and con- tent in real-time based on personal interests, relationships and the culture of the moment.44 YouTube will play a major role in the L.I.V.E. contest, a viral video competition where the target will claim their fame by submitting their 20-second videos. Contestants can share their personal video and direct people to to vote for them. It will also allow users to chat with one an- other on the discussion board. This is where the target looks for cool or interest- Live ON’s official photo album will be shared via ing articles to show off on other sites. Information Flickr. Each picture will have State Farm’s logo about both the contest and the internship op- and the link to The target can tag, portunity will be posted here. The Street Team will share and post their photos. also post videos and blog about them. Facebook is the number one social network visited by the target. Link The Live ON Facebook page ( will re- direct the target to and will provide information about contests, the Street Team, the Jam ON tour and other events. 25
  25. 25. Viral Video Creating Hype 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Social Media Is your life more than ordinary? Scene 1: Scene 2: Scene 3: Scene 4: Scene 5: Scene 6: Guy belly-flopping Girl being shot Guy wrestling Guy jumping from Guy doing scooter Girl fighting with from catapult alligator rooftop to rooftop tricks down fake weapons staircase 8 “Mike Dooley, belly flop expert” 9 10 11 12 13 “Shelly Sanders, medieval role playing diva” 14 “Sarah Smith, “Jake Phillips, gator ‘rassler’” human cannonball” Go to “Russ Peters, “Cliff Macguyver, urban acrobat” street scooter skater” Scene 8: Scene 10: Scene 11: Scene 12: Scene 13: Scene 9: “Mike Dooley, “Jake Philips, “Cliff Macguyver, “Russ Peters, “Shelly Sanders, “Sarah Smith, hu- belly-flop expert” gator ‘rassler’” ap- urban acrobat” street scooter medieval role play- man cannonball” appears on screen pears on screen appears on screen skater” appears ing diva” appears appears on screen on screen on screen Life in Video Expression (L.I.V.E.) Shelly Sanders is a foam sword swinging slayer. Few can 10-second space to insert State Farm’s jingle, which is match her skills on the battlefield. She lives her life by the recognized as one of the top 10 branded and recogniz- Knight’s Code and knows that once the foam hits the flesh able sounds.45 your limb is least until the next battle. Once the video submission closes, the videos will be This viral video will encourage others to make their own subject to public voting. will showcase the viral videos and post them on The rules are: top 20 videos and one of them will become a 30-second 1. It has to be 20-seconds long commercial. The winning video will premiere during prime- 2. It needs to include State Farm somewhere time on one of our selected programs. Users will have State Farm’s webmaster can filter the videos to make to submit their videos to, but they will be sure they are all “SF Friendly.” The webmaster will use the encouraged to share their videos through social media. 26
  26. 26. Media Release Timeline Schedule Rationale The goal of our media plan is to surround the target with State Farm’s Live ON message. We’ve designed the media schedule to achieve this goal. We recommend using advertising on web- sites year round, since the target spends the most time online, regardless of the month or Media Timeline season. The exception is the tech-blog Giz- modo, which we recommend using only in May to correspond with the release of the new Halo video game. Online television advertis- ing will complement the website portion of the buy. Sports-related advertising, like the video games, X Games television spots, action sports sponsorships and action sports magazines, will run during each sport’s season. Mobile and popular print advertising will also run year round because the target consumes them all year. We recommend advertising on traditional televi- sion during the seasons of the target’s favorite TV shows. Non-traditional advertising will vary depending on the product usage (i.e. coffee sleeves in the winter months) and movie theater attendance (months of major cinema release). These media choices will reach the target in the places they care about. Yet another reason the Live ON campaign will succeed. Buy 27
  27. 27. The Numbers Media Budget Budget Overall Budget 28
  28. 28. How we Know it Clicks Overall Evaluation Objectives Met A quick refresher, our team’s objectives are: 1. We want to change the perception of State Farm in the minds of young adults. Metrics This will lead to increased overall market share and more Auto insurance purchases. We recommend measuring sales of new policies to evaluate this objective. 2. We want to increase awareness of Renters insurance, as well as retain our current inde- pendents and legacy policy holders. In order to meet these objectives, we have cre- ated a campaign that fits into a variety of different lifestyles. We have made media choices that will be able to keep our message in front of the target, al- lowing State Farm to actively engage them through- out. Our research solidifies our media decisions and proves that the Live ON campaign will succeed in meeting the objectives. Track 29
  29. 29. SURROUNDED Coffee Sleeves Bringing It Full Circle Coasters Taxi Mirror Decals Tents Bike Racks Music Festivals Photo Booth Television Ads Sport Sponsorships Print Ads Create Brand Cultivate Cinema Ads Notebooks Google AdWords Lifestyle Social Identity 56% Work Intern Blog Groove Full Time Earn to Friends Google Reviews Shark TMZ Gizmodo LIVEON.COM 60% College Spend Family Students Online Blogs Web Presence The Wrap Up L.I.V.E. Contest YouTube Spending Advice Facebook MySpace Busy Street Team ChaCha Want to be Social Hulu DVR Famous Texting Networking On Demand Entitled Smart Phones Tech-Savvy iPhone Ads iPhone App iPods Gaming In-game Ads The multiple channels contained in this plan engage the target in all aspects of their lives. Considering the diversity of lifestyles in this group, we have managed to put the State Farm message in front of them consistenly. They will be surrounded. 30
  30. 30. Campaign Success Changing Perception State Farm has experience, State Farm with a campaign of knowledge and reliability. These versatility and longevity. It has the key elements have helped State ability to speak directly to the young Farm maintain its position as the adult target by showing State Farm #1 insurance provider for decades. understands them and their individual Now this campaign is going to needs. Every ad, tactic, promotion, Conclusion prove it to young adults. Live ON sponsorship, contest and event has stays true to State Farm’s roots, but been meticulously examined and more importantly it helps overcome promises the most effective bang State Farm’s stigma as an “old for this budget’s buck. When the school” insurance company by target sees this campaign they will appealing to the target’s lifestyle become a part of it. They will want and sense of individuality. Instead to be involved. They will have a new of jumping on the “spokesperson perception of State Farm. bandwagon,” Live ON provides Carry 31
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  32. 32. Many Thanks sfellow colleagues and I are diligently working in the Journalism lab WJudy Strauss, our experienced Marketing o it’s almost midnight on Thursday, March 18th of Spring Break. My hile she could not be here this semester, on our advertising campaign for State Farm. This campaign has taken Professor, has planted great seeds of inspiration everything from sweat to tears from our team. Inevitably, a piece of every within us. The artfulness, love and knowledge single one of us can be echoed through the pages of our book. We have within her has been a pillar of strength for us to persevered through tireless nights of energy drinks and foods that contain succeed. We wish her the best from all of us at more sugar than can be considered safe. RENOvate Creative. Thank you for being a part of our team. With this we give thanks. First, thank you to each other. Our relentless search for insurance ads, diligent probe of YouTube videos and keen ability to Facebook and Twitter stalk our competitors. Because of this unceasing dedication we have produced a plan that we are proud to call our own. Thank you to DynaGraphics Printing. In an economy like the one that exists today, their generosity is a rarity. And finally, thank you to our advi- sor, the lovable Bob Felten. He was a lone wolf this year, being pulled in so many directions that it is a wonder he remains in one piece. His unwavering faith in us gave us the strength and power to innovate beyond what we ever imagined. Thanks to Bob there was never an idea that was overlooked or a candy jar that was unfilled. He was our rock and the foun- dation for us to grow far beyond the potential we thought we possessed. Kaitlin Godbey