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5 themes powerpoint


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Published in: Technology, Education
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5 themes powerpoint

  1. 1. Bellringer: 09/20/2012Q: What is geography?A: The study of the physical features of the earth and of human activity on the earth
  2. 2. A. The Five Skills of GeographyI. Ask Geographic QuestionsII. Acquire Geographic InformationIII. Arrange Geographic InformationIV. Analyze Geographic InformationV. Answer Geographic Questions
  3. 3. B. LocationI. describes its location (where it is)II. absolute vs. relative location I. absolute – pinpoint using latitude and longitude (could also use street signs, names, ect) II. relative – where a place is by describing places near it (mountain/ocean)
  4. 4. C. PlaceI. a location’s physical and human characteristicsII. examples – climate, land features, population, occupations, culture, etc…
  5. 5. landscape
  6. 6. climate
  7. 7. climate
  8. 8. people
  9. 9. D. Human-Environment InteractionI. how people affect the environmentII. how the environment affects people
  10. 10. E. MovementI. how people, goods, and ideas get from one place to anotherII. relationship among places
  11. 11. F. RegionsI. a region has a unifying characteristic such as climate, land, population or history I. Formal Region- defined by a common characteristic II. Functional Region- defined by a central place and its surrounding area III. Perceptual Region- defined by feelings and images
  12. 12. Remembering the 5 themesIf you can’t remembering what they are just ask MR. HELP!!!  M – Movement  R – Regions  HE – Human Environment interaction  L – Location  P - Place