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Practicum peer book advisory project


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Practicum peer book advisory project

  1. 1. Peer Book Advisory ProjectName:Grade:Please list the best book you have ever read and explain why youliked it so much in three descriptive sentences?Correct example: Extra Credit by Andrew Clements is my favoritebook because it gives me insight into another culture that I knewnothing about. I enjoyed reading about the main character’s efforts towork hard so that she could go on to 7th grade when it seemed like shewas going to be held back a year. I also liked that the author includedthe letters that passed back and forth between Abby and Sadeed in theirown handwriting.Incorrect (non-descriptive) example: I loved the book because it wasreally good.Title of book that you recommend:Author of the book:Three sentence description on why you liked the book (continue onback if necessary):________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________