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Lis403 directories - giarritano


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Lis403 directories - giarritano

  1. 1. Leah GiarritanoLIS504LE: Reference and Information ServicesSources Exercises: Directories SourcesJuly 8, 20111. Using the Encyclopedia of Associations (AssociationsUnlimited) resource via the University of Illinois Librarywebsite, I was able to determine that there is one NationalOrganization in the United States for people interested inorigami called Origami U.S.A.3. I was able to answer these questions using the Netadvantagewebsite from Standard and Poors. As of January 29, 2011, GapInc. operated 3.068 stores: 1,111 Gap North America; 576Banana Republic North America; 1,027 Old Navy NorthAmerica; 184 Gap Europe; 135 Gap Asia; 29 Banana RepublicAsia; five Banana Republic Europe and one Athleta with 38.2million sq. ft. of total retail space. Another 178 stores arefranchised. There are a total of 135,000 employees as ofJanuary 31, 2010.4. By doing an advanced search using the College Catalogsdatabase via the University of Illinois Library website, I wasable to determine that there are 14 colleges and universitieswithin a 25 miles radius of San Antonio, TX.5. Using the website for American Booksellers Association(, I performed a search of their directory todetermine which California booksellers specialize in mysteries.There are three: Book’em Mysteries in South Pasadena, M isfor Mystery in San Mateo and The Mystery Book Store L.A. inLos Angeles.
  2. 2. 6. Using Hoover’s Online, I discovered that Steven Medlik is theCFO of Oriental Trading. Oriental Trading sells more than30,000 products, including party supplies, toys and novelties,arts and crafts and home décor through its websites andcatalogs.7. Using the Zip Codes website of the United States PostalService, I determined that the zip code is I found this information using the resource Museums of theWorld, 7th Edition.9. I used the Standard and Poor’s NetAdvantage database to getinformation on the current market conditions facingcompanies that manufacture cardboard boxes or“containerboard” as they are called. Paper makers (those in thePaper & Forest Product market, including those that makecontainerboard), have made a determined effort in recentyears to keep capacity in line with demand by shutting downunneeded and high-cost facilities and by refraining frombuilding new machines. These efforts led to a long period ofsteadily higher prices, despite a generally declining demandtrend. Conditions in the containerboard market,specifically, areexpected to remain fairly strong in 2011. Because boxes areused to ship a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods,this segment is one of the most economically sensitive.However, unlike some other paper grades, demand forcontainerboard has not been affected by secular changes inprint communications.10. I found the contact information for Just for Keeps inPublishers, Distributors and Wholesalers of the U.S., 2009.
  3. 3. Just for KeepsP.O. Box 60091San Diego, CA 92160619-265-9300I set out to challenge myself by submitting this DirectorySources assignment, as we had been forewarned that it was atricky assignment. Challenge myself I did! Finding each answertook a lot of time and patience. In some cases in was hard tofind one resource to answer a question, much less a second oneto verify what I discovered in the first resource (like questionnumber 5 about bookstores in California specializing inmysteries). Overall, I found this assignment very intriguing andempowering. Finding the answers to these questions hastaught me so much about the variety of directory resourcesthat are available and how to use each of them. I am gaining alot of experience and confidence by going to the library (as wellas using online resources) and searching through the onceintimidating reference collection.