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Communication devices


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Communication devices

  1. 1. Leah GiarritanoNovember 2, 2012Survey of Exceptional ChildrenAdaptive/Assistive Device ResearchPart 1DynaVoxEyeMax System: This device and its accessories giveindividuals with speech and language disabilities the ability tocommunicate and control their environment with just the blinkof an eye. This solution may be good for those have a degree ofcontrolled head movement or no head movement at all. AlertMaster AL 10 Visual Alert System: Used in thehomes of the hearing impaired, this system monitors phone,doorbell and alarms and provides alerts by lighting theappropriate lights on the unit as well as flashing a lampplugged into the device. This device can monitor specificsounds made by babies or young children and includes adoorbell and bed shaker. This product is geared toward deafand hearing-impaired individuals. An aided voice output device for children andteenagers, most commonly with autism. It allows the user tocommunicate with many different modes like phrases,sentences, stories, photo albums and lists. The user is able tocustomize their device by storing their own specific words,phrases, sentences and photos. Tango provides text to speech
  2. 2. and allows the user to provide emotion in their message. Thisdevice has a built-in camera and several character voicesgeared toward both children and teenagers. 21. A ______________ _____________ is caused by an identifiableproblem in the neuromuscular mechanism of the person.2. _________________ occurs when a child leaves a phoneme out ofa word.