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Programming Android


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Published in: Technology
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Programming Android

  1. 1. ProgrammingChristopher League30 November 2011
  2. 2. Links for later● Integrated Development Environment for Java● Complete developer’s guide and reference● These slides● Source code for my sample apps
  3. 3. Teach Yourself Java in 21 seconds● All code is in the context of a class● Class can contain fields, methods, inner classes● Static pertains to class itself, not every object● All objects are references, and can be null● Inherit and override methods from base classes● Import classes from library packages● The rest is mostly the same as C/C++/C#● Beginners should use an IDE, such as Eclipse
  4. 4. Eclipse
  5. 5. Eclipse toolbarRun » Run Android SDK Android Virtual(Ctrl+F11) Manager Device Manager
  6. 6. AVD, AVD, wherefore art thee?
  7. 7. Importing an Eclipse project● Download:● Eclipse menu: File » Import● Import source: General » Existing Projects
  8. 8. Importing an Eclipse project● Select archive file: browse to downloaded● Select all; Finish
  9. 9. open FloodPuz » FloodPuzActivity
  10. 10. Run, select device
  11. 11. Check progress in console
  12. 12. Check progress in console
  13. 13. Activities● Roughly: each UI screen in your app is an activity
  14. 14. Activities● Multiple activities sequenced using back stack
  15. 15. Layouts, views, & widgets
  16. 16. Layouts, views, & widgets
  17. 17. Event-based programming::
  18. 18. Starting a new project● File » New » Project● Android » Android Project (Next)● Project name: MyApp (Next)● Target: Android 4.0 (Next)● Package name: net.liucs (Next)● Finish
  19. 19. Initial files
  20. 20. XML Layout editor
  21. 21. XML Layout editor● Drag a button onto the layout● Right-click “hello” text, edit ID
  22. 22. Access widgets in Java code Source » Organize Imports (Ctrl+Shift+O) to fix
  23. 23. Access widgets in Java codeOr, get this code at
  24. 24. Next steps● Try to extend my projects, especially SketchBot● Additional colors● Draw shapes instead of just lines● Save drawing across application switch
  25. 25. Docs are your friends