Cloud Computing For ISV's


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Cloud computing is the preferred route for huge cost savings and streamlined infrastructure. Find out from this ebook how your company as an ISV can leverage the benefits of shared infrastructure.

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Cloud Computing For ISV's

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Benefits (ISV’s) Cloud based integration for reduced infrastructure costs | 407-965-5509
  2. 2. Page |2 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) Introduction This e-book is dedicated to cloud computing whose awareness and usage has grown tremendously over the years. Cloud computing allows you to pay for space and storage on a pay-as-you go basis, leading to huge cost savings and eliminating infrastructure maintenance hassles. Change the way you work and collaborate online. Shared infrastructure with a single point of access for all computing needs means you pay the cloud service provider only for what you use and thus save on hardware and software expenses. Cloud computing is the future of enterprise computing and through this ebook, we share our thoughts on cloud computing with you. | 407-965-5509
  3. 3. Page |3 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) Index 1. Cloud Computing Services – The Emerging Trend in the Enterprise IT world 2. How Cloud Computing Helps Business Process Automation 3. Recession Proof Software Development Strategies | 407-965-5509
  4. 4. Page |4 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) Cloud Computing Services – The Emerging Trend in the Enterprise IT world The latest buzz word in the IT industry is ‘Cloud Computing.’ The term also called Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to a set-up where software is shared over a wide network of computers. Cloud computing services are a natural extension of Web 2.0 and are a practical way of accessing all data and applications from any location or platform. In the US, over two-thirds of web users make use of cloud-based services. Forward-looking companies of all sizes are now looking at the cloud computing model to reduce infrastructure costs and increase computational capabilities. It is important to choose a reliable vendor, offering the most advanced techniques to protect client data. The case for cloud computing • Cloud computing brings down hardware costs considerably. An inexpensive computer terminal with enough processing power to run the middleware necessary to connect to the cloud system is all that a company would require. • Companies don't have to obtain software licenses for every employee. Instead, the company could pay a metered fee to a cloud computing company. • Cloud computing gives companies the option of storing data on someone else's hardware, removing the need for physical space for storing servers • It lifts efficiency and brings about proper resource utilization • It reduces both capital and operating costs, through economies of scale. • Cloud computing facilitates rapid deployment and immediate scalability with no on-premise infrastructure. • It eliminates traditional IT infrastructure management hurdles that slows down and interferes with an organization’s overall progress. Cloud computing is likely to be adopted across enterprises within the next five years. There is no doubting the efficiency and financial benefits that cloud computing will bring. The greatest barrier to moving to the cloud relate to issues concerning: • Security & data privacy issues • Regulatory / compliance concerns • Ability to bring systems back in-house • Integration with existing systems Security concerns around this issue can be countered with the right technology and cloud computing systems can be made as secure - if not more secure - than existing server- based office systems. Cloud computing is a viable Internet model for small and medium businesses since it provides a cost effective solution to meet increasing computing needs and energy consumption. An Expert Cloud Computing Provider | 407-965-5509
  5. 5. Page |5 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) Leo Technosoft ( ), with offices in India, USA and UK, offers end to end cloud transforming solutions in a Web 2.0 and SaaS environment bringing about immense cost savings, improved efficiencies and performance. Leo Technosoft leverages its cloud computing capabilities to help customers migrate to a pay-per-use architecture, delivering IT as an on-demand managed service. Our solutions allow enterprises to easily store massive amounts of user-generated data. We efficiently manage your systems after deployment into the cloud eco-system and eliminate all technical complexities and complicated deployment worries. Step in to a more agile and scalable IT environment with our wide array of cloud computing services. Contact Leo Technosoft on 407-965-5509 or email us at or a free presentation on how cloud computing can help your company gain a competitive edge, reduce costs, and increase IT agility. | 407-965-5509
  6. 6. Page |6 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) How Cloud Computing Helps Business Process Automation There has been a radical shift in the way companies perceive software applications. Companies are increasingly using cloud-based integration to achieve business process automation (BPA) by leveraging software, hardware, storage, and networking all in one package. There has been an ever-increasing number of companies buying computing, storage, and networking power as they need it from the cloud. Most companies are still saddled with archaic systems and applications that lead to frequent errors, delays and inefficient business practices due in a large part to repetitive human interaction. BPA is the only solution to these issues in order to improve customer service and reduce costs. Software vendors, both large and small, are considering how best to adapt to the new paradigms of the RIA and SaaS markets, where a large number of developers are moving to RIA and SaaS application development. This has driven up demand for RIAs and technologies built specifically to develop and deliver them. When working on SaaS applications the expense involved with cloud computing is a fraction of what it would cost a company to buy and operate a similar system on their own. The Trend of the Future Cloud computing is the future of enterprise computing, providing an environment for efficiently running applications without buying costly, cumbersome servers and relying on tedious and error-prone processes. Cloud computing eliminates the need for capital expenditure on hardware, software and services, and works on the pay as you go utility pricing with no lock-in. In today’s economy, companies are focused on optimizing processes throughout the organization. Business Process Automation is the viable tool to automate activities and enhance productivity. It gives scale on demand and provides immediate access to a broad range of applications. Business Process Automation seamlessly integrates multiple web services, applications and human work groups into a single business process. In an increasingly competitive environment, BPA is the only solution to improve services while at the same time slashing costs. Leo Technosoft a cloud computing solution provider in Product Engineering, and Infrastructure Support offers end to end cloud transforming solutions in a Web 2.0 and SaaS environment bringing about immense cost savings, improved efficiencies and performance. Find out more about Leo Technosoft’s Business Process Automation processes at | 407-965-5509
  7. 7. Page |7 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) Recession Proof Software Development Strategies Forward-looking companies of all sizes are now looking at the cloud computing model to reduce infrastructure costs and increase computational capabilities. In spite of recession, work must continue and hence it’s not surprising that there has been no let- down in outsourcing. In the light of the current economic downturn, more and more companies are planning to outsource either because they’ve cut full-time staff or because they’re simply unable to hire full-time staff. Making the best use of Outsourcing Achieving operational efficiency to mitigate bottom line pressures, and adopting stringent cost cutting measures are the need of the hour for companies reeling under the effect of the economic recession. Off shoring is a practical solution to stay afloat during recession, by making use of the services of external providers. Some of the strategies which companies can follow to maximize returns from outsourcing are highlighted below: During an economic down turn, buyers may need to reduce the number of offshore suppliers they use and partner only with those companies that have high levels of project management skills and the ability to deliver solutions at competitive rates. This strategy is important to remain viable and retain customers in the long run. Opt for flexible payment structures and shorter contracts. The benefits of outsourcing far outweigh the initial challenges that companies may encounter while opting for this business practice. Outsourcing non-core functions allows professionals to attend to key business needs. Companies have also discovered that adopting outsourcing as a strategy to reduce costs is the ideal solution in the bid to sustain their shrinking profit margins and IT budgets. Quality improvement is also cited as one of the biggest benefits of global sourcing. Closing Thoughts The maturing of the off-shoring industry over the years has lead to a scenario where outsourcing is no longer regarded as a mere tool for cost-cutting but is being accepted as a strategic tool for business growth and overall business development. This is further aided by the fact that generally outsourcers are equipped with higher skill sets and are subject matter experts in their specific fields. Recession will not derail outsourcing. The outsourcing experience has been overwhelmingly positive for most companies who now make smarter decisions in choosing offshore service providers capable of delivering the best results at cost effective prices. Outsourcing is on the upswing and a recession economy is only one reason for this trend. Companies looking at outsourcing software development projects are continuing to favor India as an outsourcing destination. IT professionals here are at par with the best in the world, yet they come at a percentage of the cost. Leo Technosoft established in 2001 was set up to meet the increasing global demand for high-quality, affordable custom software development and e-commerce services. Based in Florida, Leo Technosoft has highlighted the possibility of efficiently and cost effectively working with geographically dispersed teams, providing high quality, software outsourcing services. | 407-965-5509
  8. 8. Page |8 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) About Leo TechnoSoft Based out of Orlando, Florida with offices in USA, Canada, UK and India, Leo Technosoft is an international SaaS Development, Web 2.0 and Remote Infrastructure Management services firm specializing in the development and deployment of SaaS Web-based Business Applications. We serve our clients by delivering outstanding results through innovative solutions. We use our depth of experience in technology analysis, development, and deployment to help a broad range of industries including healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, high tech, mining, marketing, and entertainment. Leo TechnoSoft is focused on helping clients define their needs, translate those needs into action, and turn action into results. Leo TechnoSoft has developed a proprietary Development model we call L.E.A.D. Listen We hear your challenges and analyze your needs – be it a market segment or industry vertical. We look at every angle, perhaps some not yet considered. We re-examine old ideas with a fresh new perspective and give you tangible recommendations you can put into practice. Explore We don’t just show up, share a few ideas and leave. Leo Technosoft walks side by side – helping you identify the needs, explore the opportunities and develop workable solutions to navigate the complex business terrain. Apply Once we understand your needs we develop applications to meet those needs. Often our ideas are presented in detail specification documents that let you see every angle of our recommendation on paper. These documents then become the blueprint for the delivery of a final solution. Deliver We deliver, plain and simple. No fanfare, no big egos, we just work hard – leveraging a powerful suite of technology tools to deliver powerful solutions that engage your customers and deliver your message in the most powerful and engaging manner. Four values drive us forward as an organization: Relationships, Integrity, Leadership and Excellence. These values help us remain focused on working as a team to serve our customers beyond their expectations. Our unique business philosophy is to empower the collective talents and skill sets of our team members and executive staff. We also work with strategic partners, to bring together varied backgrounds in sales, marketing, technology, new media, e-learning, education, and web site development and planning. Our processes mandate us to “think outside of the box” – to turn ideas into action. Our goal is always to meet our clients’ needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Whether creating new solutions or supporting existing ones, we work hard to understand the client’s expectations and adapt our work style to their corporate culture. | 407-965-5509
  9. 9. Page |9 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) Our History Leo Technosoft set up in 2003, is a global solution provider in Product Engineering, I.T Services with Web 2.0, and Infrastructure Support with expertise in latest technology platforms. We provide services on a cloud computing platform. Our team of software developers provides outsourced product development in the Web 2.0 and SaaS environment and set up offshore development teams for our world-wide clients. We also help set up remote infrastructure management services for our clients. With these changes, our mission has remained constant; exploring innovative business ideas, combining those ideas with leading-edge technologies to deliver effective business solutions. Our expertise in software and hardware systems design, web-based marketing, data collection and segmentation, and management and strategic planning, has allowed us to develop and deliver media marketing solutions in ways that maximize and harness the latest delivery modalities. Today, we continue to take a total-solution approach in our work for companies, providing a wide range of technology-based services as needed. This has allowed us to develop and manage state-of-the-art technology marketing, media and training solutions for many business sectors including Healthcare, Environmental Concerns, Educational and Distance Learning, Personal Development, Work/Family Blending, Entertainment, and Non-Profit Fundraising/Development. | 407-965-5509
  10. 10. P a g e | 10 Cloud Computing benefits (ISV’s) Our Experience At Leo Technosoft we use our depth of experience in SaaS technology analysis, development, and deployment to help a broad range of industries including Automobile ,Healthcare, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Finance, High tech, Mining, Marketing, and Entertainment. Leo Technosoft has an extensive level of hands on software development, web 2.0 services and remote infrastructure management experience. We assist businesses by analyzing strategies, identifying opportunities that create value, and executing tactics with high-end track-record results. We offer a wide variety of strategic software, marketing and design services to leverage our client’s interests and position their products ahead of the competition. The Leo Technosoft technical team harnesses the latest technological advances—then shapes them into scalable and viable solutions across multiple platform and delivery mechanisms. We are highly qualified and certified in leading industry platforms, OS, and programming languages. Our team builds solutions that fit intelligently into business segments and/or across entire enterprises. • Advanced Multi-Platform Software Application Development • Web Site Design and Connectivity Solutions • Programming In Perl, Java, J2EE, C++, VB Script, ASP.Net, XML, WML,Flash • Mobile Wireless Technology and Embedded WAP Development • Database Design and Implementation • Project Planning and Implementation • Unix/ Linux • PROJECT DELIVERY! | 407-965-5509