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Leadzer, driving high-quality traffic to your site


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Leadzer, driving high-quality traffic to your site

  1. 1. Driving high-quality traffic to your site h"p://      
  2. 2. What’s  Leadzer?   We  supercharge  websites  by   Driving  high-­‐quality  visits  and   Conver+ng  them  into  customers  Built  for  folks  who  would  never  consider  themselves   online  marketers    
  3. 3. Our  soluBon  The  simplest  and  fastest  way  to  a"ract  high-­‐quality  organic  traffic  by  posiBoning  long  tail  keywords  in  search  engines.  •  Leadzer  idenBfies  the  best  long  tail  keywords  for  your  business    •  Automates  the  creaBon  of  landing  pages  to  posiBon  each  long  tail   keyword  and  get  top  rankings  •  Drives  high-­‐quality  visits  which  easily  convert  into  customers  •  Provides  an  intuiBve  dashboard  and  analyBcs  •  Let  you  make  changes  in  pages  to  opBmize  conversion  rates  •  Cloud-­‐based  soluBon.  Instant  setup  
  4. 4. Our  Benefits  •  Boost  online  exposure  in  search  engines  (Google,  Yahoo,  Bing  and   more),  grow  your  business  online  •  Bring  more  organic  traffic,  high-­‐quality  visitors  from  long  tail   keywords,  ready  to  buy  and  pay  •  Increase  sales  and  generate  customer  leads  while  reducing   adverBsing  costs,  our  CPC  is  on  average  50%  off  from  Adwords  •  No  technical  skills  are  required.  Instant  and  super  intuiBve  setup   process  •  Monitor  and  improve  lead  generaBon  and  conversions  by  knowing   best  performance  landing  pages  and  keywords  
  5. 5. What  makes  us  different  •  Focus  on  posi+oning  long-­‐tail  keywords  •  Matrix  SEO  technology.  ArBficial  intelligence  and  data  mining   techniques  applied  to  SEO  and  implemented  in  large  account  and   interacBve  agencies:    •  Easy  and  fast  setup.  Just  three  steps  that  could  be  done  by  any   marketer.  No  SEO  guru  needed.    •  Instant  results.  New  pages  are  up  &  running  once  setup  process  has   finished.  No  need  to  wait  for  web,  compeBtor’s  analysis  and  reports  •  Template/content  extractor.  It  is  not  required  to  work  on  the  visual   design  of  the  pages,  they  keep  corporate  image.    
  6. 6. Our  Focus:  Long  tail  keywords  (“Boston  apartments”  vs.  “Luxury  Boston  Apartments  in  Fenway”)  •  94%  of  searches  are  long  tail  keywords  (Hitwise)  •  Long-­‐tail  keywords  offers  great  advantages:   –  Real  interest  in  the  product  or  service:  the  user  has  a  real  need   –  Target  experienced  searchers     –  Be"er  conversion  rates   –  Less  compeBBon.  Easy  to  get  be"er  rankings   –  Brand  awareness  even  if  there  is  no  traffic  •  Google  Instant  (Sept  2010):  Results  appear  and  change  as  the   keyword  phrase  in  the  search  box  is  edited.  No  more  scrolling,    •  Google  Search  algorithm  change  (May  2010)  has  now  the  ability  to   index  longer  phrases        
  7. 7. Use  Case    You  need  to  drive  traffic  and  get  high-­‐quality  leads  for  your   website    
  8. 8. How  it  works?    You  go  to  Leadzer   and  create  a  project;   adding  your  website,   defining  who  buys   your  product  and   defining  your   compeBtors  
  9. 9. How  it  works?    Leadzer  makes  an   analysis  of  your  site   and  market      It  automaBcally   discovers  and   suggest  the  best   long  tail  keywords   that  will  bring  the   best  traffic  for  your   website  
  10. 10. How  it  works?    Once  you  select  the   keywords,  your  job  is   done.    Leadzer  automaBcally   takes  the  design  and   copy  from  your   website  and  creates   landing  pages  for   each  keyword  
  11. 11. How  it  works?    Leadzer  is  taking   care  of  the  pages   and  get  them  on  top   rankings  and  start   providing  visits  and   leads    HosBng  could  be   done  by  Leadzer  or   your  web  domain  
  12. 12. Dashboard  &  Management    You  will  see  in  real-­‐Bme  how  many  visits  Leadzer’s  pages  generate,  percentage   of  conversions  and  number  of  click  to  your  site.  You  can  make  changes  in  the   copy,  design  and  call  to  acBons  of  the  pages  
  13. 13. Request  an  invite  at