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The Withering Banyan Teaser


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The Withering Banyan Teaser

  1. 1. A self-made, successful entrepreneur dearly loves his only son who adores him back. But there is something else, stealthily obtaining absolute control of his son.
  2. 2. Plagued by rumours and warnings from well-wishers, the father turns utterly helpless and hopeless about his son, Badri’s ‘lunacy’. Thus affecting his hard-earned wealth and reputation
  3. 3. Badri’s mental condition begins to mar not just his perception of things but also sours his relationship with his father, wife and the rest of his family.
  4. 4. Can the present generation untangle Badri’s mysterious mental condition, and restore the family’s erstwhile glory? Considering this condition has consumed many more descendants…
  5. 5. ‘The Withering Banyan’ – a poignant story of a glorious south Indian family that succumbs to an unknown and undecipherable mental condition in a saga that begins in the pre- independence era and spans over five generations.
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