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Dark White Teaser


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Dark White is a story with many interesting characters who fear many things in life. In the end, however, their lives turn out different or better than they imagined it.

Life is not exactly easy when we live with all the fears that smother our minds. The characters in this story will be a good example of what happens to some of us when we have fears. Neelakshi Thakur’s fear of becoming a housewife makes her the owner of PR company. For Keval, being unsuccessful was out of the question and he was constantly brought down by the thought of it. He ends up becoming the youngest CM of a State. Shashank’s fear of being poor helps him learn the tricks of making money. Fear of the opposite sex makes Greshma Rastogi a big name in journalism. All of these stories tells us about the power of our fears and how it provokes the mind.

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Dark White Teaser

  1. 1. DARK WhITE
  2. 2. Brief Introduction • Everyone is born with a purpose in life • To finding that purpose, give meaning to life, to aspire something is pure – is white • To achieve that what you aspire - is bright • As you reach your aim, there is a long journey that you walk, there are fears that you fight, there are compromises you make. This part of journey – is Dark • The path to reach the White is Dark and this is what – DARK WhITE is all about
  3. 3. It’s all about Fight against Fears Friendship Betrayal Aspiration Revenge Suspense Drama
  4. 4. The Scorpio Gang
  5. 5. Keval Kishore Rajput – Scorpio Master Mind • The controller • The strategist • Ambitious • Fear – End up with an unsuccessful career • Becomes - The youngest CM of the State
  6. 6. Neelakshi Thakur – Scorpio Charas • Ms. Perfect • Intelligent • Headstrong • Fear – End up becoming an average housewife • Becomes – The owner of a PR company
  7. 7. Karan Kataria – Scorpio Dabbu • Carefree • Handsome • Committed to family • Fear – would not be able to travel the world • Becomes – The owner of a travel company
  8. 8. Raj Bhandari – Scorpio Shark • Sharp • Shrewd • Singer • Fear – He might not be able to control • Becomes – So influential that no decision is taken without his consent
  9. 9. Rajat Chandani – Scorpio Shady • The Entertainer • Complicated • Strong • Fear – He would make his parents unhappy • Becomes – The most celebrated stand-up commedian
  10. 10. Shanshank Sen Sharma – Scorpio Bank • Financer • Composed • Go-getter • Fear – would become a Pauper • Becomes – A person who knows the secret of generating wealth
  11. 11. He said, “Land would bind you together but wealth would set you apart”
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