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Ringless voicemail - Home for Direct Marketing Ventures


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Ringless Voicemail Services is your best salesperson communicating your messages. LeadsRain Offer Ringless VoiceMail Drops, Calls and Broadcast Services.

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Ringless voicemail - Home for Direct Marketing Ventures

  1. 1. Ringless Voicemail Service by LeadsRain Home for Direct Marketing Ventures
  2. 2. For The Clueless ● Drop voicemails to your customers without a ring. ● This non-intrusive technology lets your message be conveyed without borrowing precious time from the customers. ● Compliment the digital needs of your targets. ● Avoids the conventional routing method and drops the message directly into the voicemail. ● Provides convenient access for the targets and can be played repeatedly.
  3. 3. Boons of Ringless Voicemail ● Instantaneous recording and execution. ● Automatically rejects DNC listed target to preserve your reputation. ● The software provides advanced reports for the campaign ● Easy to use interface ● With a provision of campaign management facility through LeadsRain ● Available for every business ventures whether small, medium or big.
  4. 4. Statistical Backing 7-11% 96% 85% Call-back Ratio : Influence higher proportion of your leads Delivery Rate : Reach the maximum potential on your investment Listen Rate : Provide convenience for your leads Ringless Voicemail
  5. 5. The Mechanism ● The software functions on server-to-server integration to reach the targets. ● Hence, the target will receive your voicemail without the phone ringing.
  6. 6. Your voicemail message recording Transmission through LeadsRain Your message is directly routed to the carrier’s voicemail server. 1 2 3
  7. 7. Industrial Functions Of Ringless Voicemail Reminders and Confirmations Recalls Alerts and Announcements Promotions and Discounts Reorders and Collection Fundraising
  8. 8. Contact Us ADDRESS AUM LLC dba. LeadsRain 20C Trolley Square, Wilmington, Delaware 19806. PHONE +1 302-397-0096 EMAIL
  9. 9. THANK YOU