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New technique of voice broadcasting software


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Voice broadcasting is the new technique is the field of mass communication.

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New technique of voice broadcasting software

  1. 1. New Technique of Voice Broadcasting Software Voice broadcasting is the new technique is the field of mass                      communication . It’s phone messages that can be for both commercial and                        community uses. Through this voice speakers can communicate with its                    members, subscribers, constituents , employees or clients at once. When                    these messages are used by government authorities are known as reverse                      911 and used only in emergencies.    Voice transmission systems to manage a database of phone lists and                      phone messages digitally recorded . Using telephony components , these                    computers can simultaneously broadcast thousands of phone messages.                Personalized information can be included in the phone messages through                    the integration of text to speech software . Advanced systems include                      telephony boards sensing answer machine . Like the broadcast programs                    allow interactive voice call recipient to listen and interact with engraving                      system by pressing keys on the phone keypad message.       
  2. 2. Includes surveys, information confirmation , contact preference              confirmation , or navigating the phone menu. An example of using this                        technology is automated telephone surveys, in professional organizations                conduct surveys automatic calls to conduct surveys . You can also leave a                          personal message to your loved ones while away . Even during the                        emergency can leave message which is easier and convenient method of                      providing message.    Voice broadcasting is the delivery of a voice message pre – recorded with                          a live person, answering machine or both. It is the most cost effective way                            to contact customers, employees , groups and prospects . ​Voice                    broadcasting is used successfully by many industries and organizations as                    an effective means to transmit corporate voice messages, informational                  messages , past due notices , reminders and verifications . Broadcast                      message loud voice , have the capacity to make 20 million calls per day.                            Broadcast system includes the DSC voice phone lists and orders the driver                        to dial a phone number . If the call is answered , either by an answering                                machine or a telephone message prerecorded be played individually.    Voice broadcasting also known as radio broadcast messaging phone is a                      modern communication technology which reports of voice phone                messages to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients at short                      intervals. This technology is often used for alerts and notifications of                      community or business applications. It is the most common and                    convenient way to communicate with someone important, because it saves                    time and is cost effective.