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How to Use Ringless VoiceMail in Automobile


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An automobile dealership could have prospective buyers for their cars anytime with the use of Ringless Voicemail.

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How to Use Ringless VoiceMail in Automobile

  1. 1. RINGLESS VOICEMAIL No Ring, No Interruption, Only Notification Use casefor Automobile Dealership
  2. 2. WHAT IS RINGLESSVOICEMAIL?  Ringless Voicemail or R.V.M is a non-intrusive technology that allows usersto listen to their voicemail messages at their own convenience  The technology allows you to drop voicemail bypassing the traditional routing method directly into your customer’s voicemail box.  Since more and more consumers engage with businesses through their smartphones, this technology is a perfect example of getting the message across on a platform that reaches them directly.  This technology is being used by small and large business to reach more customer than everbefore
  3. 3. YourMessage + RVM = Happy Customer YourMessage + = Direct-To-Voicemail
  4. 4.  RVM is non-intrusive as compared to Voice Broadcasting  It allows consumers to escape from unnecessary interruptions  Recipients only listen to the message when they feel free to do so  Youare charged only for the messages that get delivered  If no call was placed, the recipients will not be billed  Pre-recorded messages are dropped straight to customers’ voicemail box without ringing theirphones  Higher ratio ofinbound return calls  Abuilt-in cell phone scrubber is available free of cost  100% TCPA,CRTC and FCCCompliant BENEFITS
  5. 5. USE CASE how to market your AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP
  6. 6.  An automobile dealership could have prospective buyers for their cars anytime with the use of Ringless Voicemail.  For example, you are the owner of a car dealership  You have received enquiries about a certain type of car model  Those enquiries have become your leads  With RVM you can inform those leads that the particular car modelis upcoming or already out, sending them a message directly into their voicemail box  You can mention the model is a limited edition  Include a CTAlike „visit us for a free test drive today!
  7. 7. “Hi, this is Jeff calling from XYZ Dealership. As you know, Bret, the ABC model has already been launched and you had enquired about it when you had paid us a visit last week. We would like to inform you that the model is now available at our showroom. If there is anything you need to know, revert back to me on this number 0987654321. You can also call and book a free test drive today! Thanks in advance. Make it agreat day.” AN EXAMPLECOULD BE: