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YouTube Advertising Promotion


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Advertise on Youtube. Market your videos on youtube. Brand awareness and get more video views with Leads Dubai new promotion. visit

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YouTube Advertising Promotion

  1. 1. YouTube Advertising Promotion
  2. 2. YouTube Marketing Plan • You spend AED 1000, we will spend AED 600 in your YouTube Advertising for a period of 2 months. So Total budget is AED 1600 • At average cost per video view is AED .30. You will get 5000+ video views • Good for Branding exercise along with the below actions free – Free clicks and traffic to their website – Free Video likes and social media shares – New YouTube channel subscribers & comments
  3. 3. Where your ads appear on YouTube
  4. 4. Your Ads will show in Youtube Search
  5. 5. Your Ads will show next to videos
  6. 6. Your ad will show on top of videos
  7. 7. Who will see your Video Ads?
  8. 8. YouTube Targeting Options
  9. 9. YouTube Targeting Options
  10. 10. Show Ads in Specific Locations
  11. 11. Next Steps.. 1. Contact Mukesh Pandey – 050 3047470 / 2. Share your video content & banner image and specs. Your website or youtube page where you want traffic 3. Pay AED 1000 by cheque / cash / transfer 4. Meet once to understand the objective and we start. 5. This will be 2 months advertising program. Where no management fee will be charged from Leads Dubai. 6. This program comes free for 2 months with no consulting charges. 7. After 2 months, should you want to continue advertising on youtube / google. Management fee will be applied.