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How To Make Pheromones: 6 Sexy Things You Should Know


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Are you wondering how to help your body make more pheromones? Learn about what pheromones are and what they could do for you.

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How To Make Pheromones: 6 Sexy Things You Should Know

  1. 1. How To Make Pheromones: 6 Sexy Things You Should Know
  2. 2. Since this vegetable contains natural male pheromones, you could try drinking celery juice in its dehydrated form. It could help men release more pheromones naturally to attract a mate. Celery
  3. 3. This shellfish gives off an aphrodisiac effect in human beings who eat them. Since there are high levels of zinc, which is important for the reproductive system, it raises the libido and testosterone levels. Oysters
  4. 4. Both contain high amounts of vitamin E, which has positive effects on sex hormones. Almonds And Asparagus
  5. 5. Chocolate Eating this sweet pleasure could heighten a person’s mood and libido, because it contains phenylamine.
  6. 6. Chilies Containing capsaicin, chilies help release endorphins, which could arouse sexual drive.
  7. 7. Brain Foods Brain foods such as granola, oatmeal, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, dairy, root vegetables, green vegetables, ginseng, garlic, seeds and chickpeas trigger a sexual reaction in the brain, which helps in increasing sex hormones.
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