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Small business SEO - Every business wants more traffic to their website because more traffic equals more customers and more sales, right? Well maybe, but not always.

There are various ways to get website traffic but the best way of all is to appear at the top of the search engines for terms related to your business that your prospects are typing into Google.

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Small business SEO

  1. 1. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEO•Things can be tweaked on a website to make it more search engine friendly•Doing this will move the website up Google’s rankings.•This is known as search engine optimisation (SEO) .•SEO involves adding your keywords to your website meta-tags .•Having useful, relevant content.•And building links from other websites to your website. Small Business SEO
  2. 2. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEO•Geo-targeting is the ability to tailor search results to particular geographic areas.• Most businesses are local and want their website to be found by local people.•Local people are more likely to come into a shop and purchase something.•Regularly being found by web-users in a different country is not useful. Small Business SEO
  3. 3. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEO•Competing websites can go from millions•To just hundreds!•When adding a geo-modifier to a keyword search! Small Business SEO
  4. 4. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEO•A florist should not target the keyword flowers•It will be too competitive, not to mention too general•Use a local location name either before or after the keyword•Mytown flowers or flowers mytown•This will be easier to rank for and send more targeted traffic Small Business SEO
  5. 5. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEOIf you intend to target local keywords there are some things that you need to beaware of.•There is not a great deal of traffic for many of these local keywords.•Use the Google Keyword Tool to identify the best ones for your business and area.•Be aware of Google Places listings.•Local keyword searches often return a Google Places (Maps) listing as a first result.•These are notoriously hard to outrank so do some research•Find some local keywords for your business that do not return Places listings. Small Business SEO
  6. 6. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEOOn-Page SEO•Your keywords need to appear in certain places so search engines can find them.•In the HTML coding for your website, there are "Meta Tags“.•Fill these out correctly so the search engine "spiders" understand what your siteis about.•It is important that the text on the page is relevant to the keywords in meta-tags.So, if you are targeting the term london flowers the information on the pageshould be relevant to that - the content on the page should help people findplaces in London to buy flowers (ie. at your florists). Small Business SEO
  7. 7. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEOOff-Page SEO•Its not enough just to have the on-page SEO done correctly.•The search engines want to see that other sites find you credible as well.•This is why having a link-building strategy is so important.•Incoming links are vital to a website’s ranking in Googles search engine.•More links from quality websites equals higher rankings. Small Business SEO
  8. 8. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEOOff-Page SEO•You can build links by; •exchanging links with other sites, •submitting to social bookmarking sites, •writing articles and placing them on related sites •guest blogging •leveraging web2.0 authority sites Small Business SEO
  9. 9. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEOSmall Business SEO: Conclusion1. Target keywords with geo-modifiers relevant to your business.2. Try to avoid local keywords that return Google Places listings.3. Create your own Google Places listing.4. Make sure that your meta-tags and on-page content match.5. Provide some useful, relevant content for your audience.6. Build links to your pages. Small Business SEO
  10. 10. Some Points Regarding Small Business SEOFor help & info on all aspects of SEO please contact;Robert KeatingLead Generating 07502 386444 Small Business SEO