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Local Offline Will Set-Up Your Online Presents.

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Restaurant slideshow

  1. 1. The Next Communication Channel: Mobile Marketing and Beyond Title slideThe Rise of the Mobile Connected Restaurant / Club
  2. 2. Quick Stats
  3. 3. Connect with Your Potential Clients WITH ADVATEXT’S GEO-TARGETING CAPABILITIES, Exactly When You Want YOU CAN REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS And Right When They are Hungry! WHENEVER YOU WANT, WHEREVER THEY AREFREE Appetizer Next Visit Text RESTAURANT to 55469 Re sta
  4. 4. 72% of Americans text messageacross all demographics 67% of customers would like toreceive mobile alerts or remindersTwice as many people Text Messagethan own a Television set82% of Americans do not leave thehouse without their cell phonesCTIA 2009
  5. 5. Example Point of Sale Display Table Tent/ Talker
  6. 6. Text Call to Action KEYWOR D (CHANGES ) SHORTCODE (STAYS THE SAME) Live Demonstration Receive RESTAURAN to 55469 to “Try Text RESTAURANT55469 T FREE it onAppetizerphone Now!” your Next Visit When client texts, They are entered Deli Into the database! Righ ver Coup t to t Offe he p on h t quick r can ex one! 55 469 auran ly to enco ire p To: : rest repe at vi urage G si t MSTEXT MESSAGING 101
  7. 7. Timely Promotions = Higher Redemption RatesSchedule the Delivery of Coupons, Reminders, and Offers at exactly the right moment! Putting the Offers Right in the Hand of your Current and Potential Customers! = More Transactions per Month Mama DeLuca: Free Johnnies Italiano: Happy 75th Street Brewery: Buy Cheese stix w/ purchase Hour prices tonight and any Steak entrée this of any Large Specialty this tomorrow w/ code weekend and receive $3 week only, exp. 3/11, mb8932, show msg 2 OFF, limit 2 per table call Reply STOP 2end redeem, exp. 3/29 Reply for reservation STOP 2end (816)223-8584 Reply STOP 2end
  8. 8. (Example of Return-on-Investment on a small scale) 1,000 4% or HigherCustomers Redemption Rate Average in your on Promotion or Transactiondatabase CouponRestaurant Industry ranges between 4-13% redemptions on Mobile offers and coupons Quantifiable Return on this direct media! Investment to send 1000 messages to Database? $50 ROI on 40+ Customers walking in for Lunch or Dinner? $15 average ticket? $600
  9. 9. The Mobile World 101 3 Components to Database Building 1. Point of Sale Get Cashiers, Hostess, Servers to tell customers to Text-in for a great55469 To: instant deal; Place banners, signs, table tents, or a card inside the MSG: food check presenter and build 10-20 customers per day into your database! 3. Add the Mobile “Opt-in” Option to your current Website Options to capture online traffic into the Mobile Number Mobile database from the web 5. Traditional Media (capture new clients) Add the Mobile Call-to-Action to every Advertisement; print, radio, coupon, event, TV, etc.
  10. 10. Point of Sale Options (Every Customer that walks in the door should be offered the opportunity to “Text” in for some great sounding deal, Text QUESO to 55469 promotion, or opportunity. Get an Instant text-coupon right back to your Phone. Not valid with any other offers,Show message to redeem, msg Table Tents, Buttons on staff, Bag Stuffers, Window displays, and data rates May apply. flyer inside check presenter, are all options to promote; 1. A Free entrée, appetizer, or $5 OFF next visit! (These instant coupons for next visit frequently will be a minimum purchase coupon that expires within a couple Panchero’s: Free Chips and weeks) Queso next visit w/ purchase of any Burrito. Show msg to redeem exp. 10.31. code 3. An Instant discount or Free item THIS VISIT! 745xlt. Reply STOP 2end (Some restaurants have great success with their servers offering an instant free cheese dip, breadsticks, or softdrinks to encourage instant database growth) 3. A chance to win a great prize! Goal: (Sweepstakes type offers generally perform more poorly, yet Build a Database of 10-15 People can work if promoted correctly)per day for future Loyalty Marketing– Get 2 or 3 additional transactions from them this year!
  11. 11. Capture W Traffic into Database! eb Panchero’s: Reply w/ your email to this message to complete your entry, plus watch for great deals from us! Reply STOP 2end Donate NOW! Enter Mobile Number Enter mobile number Send to my Mobile PhoneBeauty Brands Secret Sale! Text BEAUTY to 72727
  12. 12. Capture W Traffic into Database! eb Panchero’s: $3 OFF your next purchase of $15 or more, expires 3/22/11, code mb 98983, watch for more great deals! Reply STOP 2end Instant Coupon for $3 OFF Donate NOW! Enter Mobile Number Type in your Mobile Number And the Environmentally Friendly Coupon will be Sent Right to your Phone! Enter mobile number Send to my Mobile PhoneBeauty Brands Secret Sale! Text BEAUTY to 72727
  13. 13. Capture LEADS with Mobile Keywords! By adding Mobile keywords to every Traditional Broadcast media like Coupon drops, radio spots, event marketing, print ads, and outdoor displays, you can capture New Customers more easily. Taking Your Broadcast Media/ Event/ FliermessageShow aon the to yourText- Studies stays Text PANDA to 55469 Potential Customer’s handset! cell-phone an average Our Menu Right to Your Phone! And get your environmentally friendly coupon of 12 days. right on your phone. Must Text 2 receive! Just Text OVERSTUFFED to 72727 = Plus Get Your Instant Coupon Right to This means additional Your Phone! exposures to your audienceInstantly Deliver:• Pictures More Conversion = 5-10% Increase in Overall Customer base• Coupons YOUR• Links to Website COUPON Once Customers engage off of Traditional Broadcast they are• And more HERE! Captured in the Mobile database. Future text-promotions will be delivered right to their handset And right when they are hungry equating to NEW CUSTOMERS!
  14. 14. Send Promotions to your Database to do More Than Just Coupon! • Increase Social Network Followers • Capture Email • More Transactions per year • Support CausesTed’s BBQ: Facebook Exclusive Burrito Panchero’sDonuts willare at the Fair Jan’s Gift Cards beSpecial just posted, “Like Us” this weekend taking donations the best gift! Click here andNOW for even more VIP To Complete your entry for a for March of Dimes, come by our be finished shopping.treatment. Reply STOP 2quit chance to Win Free Burrito’s for http://xmaspanch.wap and get some booth and donate a year, reply with your email great Breakfast! Reply STOP Reply STOP 2quit address and watch for future 2end great deals! Reply STOP 2end
  15. 15. Contact John Smith Jcube Mobile Marketing Erving Johnson P. 514-553-0642