Building the whole man


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To help man to become totally fulfilled at work and home

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  • The 1st three = Discover Your Voice, whilst the Attributes = makes one to express his voice.
  • The first 2 – Modelling and Path-finding are to ensure FOCUS, whilst Aligning and Empowerment are to ensure EXECUTION
  • Building the whole man

    1. 1. Dr. Oyewole O. Sarumi
    2. 2.  Just imaging what your body does withoutany conscious effort. Respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestiveand other vital systems runs withoutcontacting you. The body constantly scans its environment,destroying diseased cells and fighting forsurvival.
    3. 3.  Wise nutrition Consistent balancedexercise Proper rest &relaxation Stress managementtechniques Prevention thinking.
    4. 4.  This is one’s self-knowledge, self-awareness,social sensitivity, empathy and ability tocommunicate successfully with others. It is a sense of timing and appropriateness,and having the courage to acknowledgeweaknesses and express and respectdifferences.
    5. 5.  Self awareness Personal motivation Self regulation (Self-discipline) Empathy Social skills
    6. 6.  That’s our ability to analyse, reason, thinkabstractly, use language, visualise andcomprehend. This is far too narrow for an intelligence.
    7. 7.  Continuous, systematic study and education. Cultivation of self awareness. Learning by teaching and doing.
    8. 8.  This is the central and most fundamental ofall the intelligences because it is the sourceof GUIDANCE of the other three. It helps us to discern true principles that arepart of our conscience, which are symbolisedby the compass – metaphor for principles.
    9. 9.  Integrity – be true to your highest values andconscience Meaning – a sense of contribution to peopleand causes Voice – aligning work with one’s uniquecalling and gifts
    10. 10. WHOLEPERSON4 NEEDS 4 INTELLIGENCES 4 ATTRIBUTESBODY To Live PhysicalIntelligence (PQ)DisciplineMIND To Learn MentalIntelligence (IQ)VisionHEART To Love EmotionalIntelligence (EQ)PassionSPIRIT To Leavea LegacySpiritualIntelligence (SQ)Conscience
    11. 11. WH0LEPERSON4 INTELLIGENCES 4 ATTRIBUTES 4 RolesBODY(To LivePhysicalIntelligence (PQ)Discipline AligningMIND(To Learn)Mental Intelligence(IQ)Vision Path-findingHEART(To LoveEmotionalIntelligence (EQ)Passion EmpowermentSPIRIT(To Leavea Legacy)SpiritualIntelligence (SQ)Conscience Modelling
    12. 12.  The Modelling and Path-finding are to ensureFOCUS, whilst Aligning and Empowering areto ensure EXECUTION.FOCUS – What matters mostEXECUTION – Making it Happen.
    13. 13. Let MeServeSPIRITUse MeCreativelyMINDPay meFairlyBODYTreat mekindlyHEART
    14. 14.  For the BODY – Assume you’ve had a heartattack; now live accordingly. For the MIND – Assume to the life of yourprofession is two years; now prepareaccordingly. For the HEART – Assume everything you sayabout another person, they can be overhear;now speak accordingly. For the SPIRIT – Assume you met with Almighty;now live accordingly.
    15. 15.  Grant me the serenity To ACCEPT the things I cannot change COURAGE to change the things I CAN And WISDOM to know the DIFFERENCE!